View Full Version : "Cash Carriage" Need questions for in character game show

2008-05-26, 01:42 AM
I enjoy putting real life shows into the game. After the success of Ninja Warrior I was considering making a version of Cash Cab.

But I have no idea what kind of questions to ask.
The players are pretty new to D&D, and the setting is home brew (so few important figures).

What questions would you ask in this case?

2008-05-26, 05:52 AM
Questions about the nature of monsters? IIRC the different Knowledge checks are associated with different kinds of monsters' attributes (Nature --> Animals, The Planes --> Outsiders, etc.)

2008-05-26, 05:57 AM
First, seperate the PC's ad the driver by a wall of force, or even a cube of force. That way they don't just TAKE the money.

Second, just throw random DnD cosmology/setting trivia, ranging from easy ("Who is Boccob") to Middling ("Please explain the origin of Pimon, the Prince of Blades) to Insane (Like some obscure trivia from Dragon issue 23, or question them on tiny tiny details from earlier in the game or session.) or just give them answers to questions they didn't bother to look for, thus making it a flat probablity there. ("How many spokes does the wheels of my carriage have- 8, 16, 32, 64?)

If you want to be sporting about it, offer it one of two ways- Multiple choice but no knowledge rolls allowed, or "Freeform" answers with rolls allowed.

2008-05-26, 11:32 AM
Ask them questions about things from the monster manual and about gods. Gods is a great one, because everyone will know those. After all, the gods are real and do things in your life.

Take away their books, and if they don't know off the top of their head, let them make a knowledge check. If they fail, give them something wrong about half the time.