View Full Version : A world with a different system of magic

Somber Requiem
2008-05-27, 02:33 AM
In my gaming world I didn't really like the idea of having to wait so many hours to regain spells. So in the three realms we use something a little different.

Magic, arcane and divine, focus on magic points. In a nutshell, each 'magic' class gets a number of magic points per level. Sorcerers get the most. Then come wisards, clerics, and druids. Then Paladins, Bards, and Rangers with the least. Each class can take an hour to meditate and regain spell points. Wisards have to either immediately use the points to 'lock' a spell in their mind, or cast a spell inefficiently from their general pool. Sorcerers and bards just burn points to make the spell happen. Clerics likewise have to lock their spells, but can sacrifice them to create cure or inflict spells.

The environment one studies in likewise affects how one regains points. After an hour of resting, keeping a watchful eye, taking care of other problems, a spell caster gets one magic point per level per hour. In a comfortable place like an inn or place with beds, they get two. In a secure sanctum or very comfortable surroundings they get three magic points were level. Also, they gain one additional point per level if they're in an environment that matches their archetype: Clerics in a temple, druids in the wild, wizards and sorcerers in an arcane library or sanctum. I have each magic user pick one special kind of spot... so a necromancer might get their bonus point in a graveyard. I had one sorcerer pick whorehouses as his special place.

This made dungeon crawling much more dynamic. If there was a magical bad guy, they'd regain points much faster than the heroes as the dungeon was generally their special place. On the other hand, the players had to watch themselves carefully, find secure places to rest and regenerate points, decide how best to invest them, but they didn't HAVE to stop after two hours just because they were out of spells. One or two hours of resting and they could move on... maybe not with a full complement of spells, but better than being spell less.