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2008-05-27, 07:32 AM
What is your favorite story of an in-game kill?

My favorite was when we used umbral hand(the shadowcaster version of mage hand, only much better) to beat the villan to death with a flaming furniture. :smallbiggrin:

crate 2d6
chair 3d6
couch 5d6
fire damage 1d6

Purple Cloak
2008-05-27, 07:36 AM
Well it wasn't my charicter (sadly) but a shadow mage was fighting a dragon that was trying to swallow him, so he cast Black fire down its throat, 4D6 cold damage per 5 feet covered for 8 rounds.
The dragon didn't die, it shattered!

2008-05-27, 07:59 AM
My level 7 rogue killed a CR7 juvenile black dragon armed with only a rapier, a wand of scorching ray, and a potion of blur.

I took it down to -54 hp. The rest of the party was like: :smalleek:

2008-05-27, 10:10 AM
I have... a lot of memorable kills, but one of the more recent ones sticks in my mind. Eberron game, gestalt level 6

Human Cleric//Paladin of Tyranny/Bone Knight
Halfling Fighter/Barbarian//Scout
Gnome Conjurer//Duskblade
Human Marshall//Knight
Half-elf Sorcerer//Swashbuckler (me)

My character, a dragonmarked, noble-born daughter of House Lyrander spent the entire session generally being high-and-mighty and looking down on the other party members. We had only two encounters (it was more of a mystery/intrigue session) and the first was merely clearing out a single-room mausoleum in a graveyard whilst looking for clues. It was packed to the eyeballs with zombies, which were promptly cowed by the Bone Knight, and returned to their rest after the party leader (the knight) insisted that we not use the town's dead to serve our own purposes.

Now... cue exiting the tomb. My sorceress, having not bothered to contribute anything but snide remarks so far, is first out of the tomb into the graveyard. She is promptly caught flat-footed by something with 'hide in plain sight' and drops paralysed in the mud for 10 rounds.

Over the next 10 rounds the rest of the party barrels out of the mausoleum to attack this foe - which turned out to be an advanced Mohrg with class levels :smalleek:. One by one the party are dropped to the muddy ground by the mohrg's paralysis attack, until only the Bone Knight still stands. In a fit of desperation (only one person had managed to land a blow throughout the combat due to a mix of high AC and poor attack rolls - and that was a true strike from the duskblade) he throws down his scythe and tries to tackle the undead monstrosity to the ground. They struggle for a couple of rounds, and the Bone Knight is eventually pinned and paralysed too.

With his muscles rapidly seizing up, he extends a hand and points to one side, distracting the Mohrg that is preparing to coup-de-grace the entire party. The DM grins at me and says "Round Ten, your paralysis wears off."

Picture an impeccably dressed, haughty, 5'1'', 95lb female half-elf with long blonde hair and a slender frame who just spent the last 2 days telling everyone how much better she is than them... covered in mud and shaking with rage. For flavour reasons, all of her abilities are storm-related (even down to all her spells, so she's mostly evocation).

The first empowered lesser lightning orb turns up max damage on the dice... as does the second. Two more lightning bolts later (she'd lost it by this point and didn't care that the Mohrg wasn't moving any more) and this undead monstrosity is little more than charred bones and toasted flesh at about -80hp.

Great fun, and I think the rest of the party let out a sigh of relief when it was over.

black dragoon
2008-05-27, 10:19 AM
Polymorphed badger burrowing out of a giant squid. That or being inhaled as a clouud of air of changing back while inside.:smalltongue:

2008-05-27, 10:59 AM
I killed a commner tailor with my commoner basketweaver, using only 50 baskets stacked one inside another. Rolled 2 natural 20's on my attack roll.

2008-05-27, 11:12 AM
In a Warhammer Quest game, using an unofficial Orc Warrior character with a pet Snotling, the party had failed to kill a Minotaur. Only the Snot remained. It made its attack.

See thread title. :smallbiggrin:

2008-05-27, 11:20 AM
I've recently mentioned it in another thread, but incapacitating a black dragon by having our bard tell it a joke has to be one of the more interesting ways of killing off a large monster.

Hunter Noventa
2008-05-27, 11:41 AM
I've told this story before, but in a game where Vapires essentially ruled the world save for one free human city, we were infiltrating the castle of a vampire lord intent on invading said city. The vampire had allied himself with some demons, so there were a couple of Bebiliths in his throne room.

In the end, whil the rest of the party took them out, my character, the Swordsage pictured in my avatar, 'tanked' the vampire, essentially trapping him on his throne while throwing manuver after manuver at hime while wielding a Sun Blade. When it became clear how much of a threat the vampire was after killing his pets, I did the whole 'wave the sun blade around to make sunlight' thing to weaken him while my friends hit him with spells, when that ran out, I executed a Desert Wind manuvr that add a lot of fire damage...and proceeded to roll a critical hit with the Sun Blade. Between the extra damage from the crit, the fire damage from the manuver, I decapitated the vampire lord and awakened the thing as a Legacy weapon.

2008-05-27, 11:44 AM
From back in second-edition days: The druid/thief in the party (human dual-classed) backstabbed an ogre with a Flame Blade. So we've got this ogre with glowing eyes (it had been blinded by a light spell the previous turn) that suddenly sprouts a burning sword out of its gut.

Of course, nowadays, sneak attacks with flame blades are commonplace, but it wasn't so easy back then: The equivalent of UMD only worked on scrolls, druid scrolls were all but nonexistant, and humans were the only race that could be a druid/thief. And of course the light-in-the-eyes trick explicitly doesn't work any more, either.

2008-05-27, 11:46 AM
During a large-scale battle in the last session of a WoW game I'm playing in, our group has just showed up on the scene of a huge, raging battle to attempt to save a besieged town from destruction. Most of our group have flying mounts... but for the purpose of the story, the only one that matters is my Blood Elf Warrior on a Dragonhawk.

During the fight, the enemy has a wizard flying around bombarding our allies with flaming spells of searing death, so I make a run to take out the mage. Alas... the mage that was apparently flying about casting things was an illusion. I dive through it with my lance... act confused for a second, and am promptly dashed from full HP to nearly dead in one cone of cold. (Having a reflex save of only +1 helped) The real mage was floating invisible above me.

Knowing that I'm too far from my group to get help, and since my character is the honorable, self-sacrificing type... I go for broke, and say I'm trying to charge the mage. Through sheer dumb luck, I beat her to init, or she could have killed me easily with magic missile. I charge... assuming the worst, as I normally use a longsword, and half of my feats can't be used. Nat 20, confirmed crit... on a charge.... with a lance. I roll max damage. :smallbiggrin:

Little miss mage drops from one attack despite the defensive spells she had up... and the entire group on the city walls now thinks that I am the most amazing hero to end all amazing heroes!

black dragoon
2008-05-27, 11:58 AM
hrm...another good one. Eating a man's throat while he's still alive.

2008-05-27, 12:13 PM
Playing a 2nd ed campaign, we had a large party of PC's involved in fighting a demon invasion. I (as DM) had been giving out hints of a big, evil lord of demons they were going to have to fight, and had homebrewed this monster for an epic battle. The PC's were understandably anxious about the whole thing...
Battle starts, the dwarf fighter PC wins initiative, charges, and attacks. Natural 20 with a Vorpal Sword. Fight's over, we win.
Everyone looks at me. "So, um... now what?"

2008-05-27, 12:15 PM
One of my characters one-shotted a purple worm with a clever use of Mind Frost. xdx cold damage coupled with 1d4 int damage. The thing dropped and I CDG'd it with a scythe next round since party was dumbfounded.

2008-05-27, 12:37 PM
In 2nd Edition, I had a wemic cleric (fighting monk kit, specialising in wrestling). I climbed up a black dragon's back, stuck a rapier into its neck, and cast "Weighty Chest" on the rapier.

"Weighty Chest" was a spell designed to make sure your stuff didn't get stolen (Tome of Magic, 2nd Ed). If cast on an object, the object immediatedly becomes heavier if someone other than the caster touches it. Something like, d4+1 times the weight of the "thief".

So yeah, the rapier became d4+1 times the weight of the dragon, and ripped its way through the dragon's head.

2008-05-27, 12:45 PM
Earlier this Spring, I was playing a Human Crusader in the Savage Tide adventure path, and I had been feeling pretty useless for the first session and a half. As it turns out, having a full-plate wearing character with no ranks in Swim is a bad idea in a sea-based campaign.

Anyway, our ship had to stop to take on water, and the PCs, apparently missing a whole encounter hook, said we'd stay with the ship while some NPCs took the little rowboat to get the water from land. Thirty seconds later, that boat is down and all the NPCs are dead because the freakin' hydra that was waiting underwater part of the way to land!

Since there was no chance of me swimming there, I ran to the ballista or whatever it was that we salvaged from a pirate attack and started shooting it, rolling natural ones the whole time. The Warblade party-leader/captain was gonna swim out, and then the Wizard decides polymorphing him would be a great idea. As it turns out, polymorphing a Warblade into a shark is a terrible plan, and within rounds he's basically out of the action and hiding on the other side of the ship. The Wizard polymorphs himself into something else that flies, but it turns out that didn't help either. The Cleric (Water and Fire domains) didn't have a high-enough water spell left to use her Fiery Burst domain feat, meaning we were way limited as to how we were supposed to do fire damage to the thing.

Finally after 3 rounds of readying an action to slash off a head when it rose above the side of ship, I got mad and just said, "Screw it." Next round, I have all my maneuvers ready, including Divine Surge. I figure, since this thing is still at near-full health minus one lost head (thanks to the Swordsage's Shadow Garrote and orb of fire from the Wizard or something like that), I'm just going for the kill. I jump over the edge, taking no AoOs since it already used them to bring down someone else, and deliver a Divine Surge. One crit with a greatsword and near max damage on the 8d8 extra dice later, the thing is down below -10. It was awesome. Also, it gave me the opportunity to declare my FLAWLESS VICTORY!

2008-05-27, 01:34 PM
My lvl 7 human fighter got into a sparing match with the local sherif of an elf town. The sherif (of way high level than the party) didnt believe us when we told him we were fighting the giants to the north so he asked to spar me to check my tactics, or something like that. I crited him on the first strike and he dropped dead... the DM was so stunned he had no idea what just happend, much less what to do next because the sheriff happened to be an important part of the plot line apparently.

2008-05-27, 04:30 PM
We were playing an earlier version of the Dustlands (featured in my sig, and despite the delays, I swear it's not deceased).

The party:

"Deathwish" A human Cowboy/Desperado who, predictably, had a deathwish. His true love had gone missing, and a Loaman truthspeaker had given him the vision "You'll find her on your deathbed". With nothing else to go on, and unwilling to off himself, Deathwish was the most unpredictable and careless gunslinger in ten cities (and probably more).
At one point during our adventures, Deathwish had acquired 50 feet of nigh-unbreakable rope (which was another story alltogether).

"Cordelia" A human Spellslinger (early version)/Trailblazer (the gist of the Trailblazer class is that any mount you make a successful check on turns into a firey (and frighteningly fast) steed). This was me.

"Slick" A Sliss (snakeman) Grifter who carried a "Deck" of small stiff spell scrolls and liked to mix UMD and Sleight of Hand checks.

"Levanitheklin" A Wasteling Healer.

"Still Sure" A human Raindancer (early version).

So, onto the story.


Way out in the desert (predictably), a Sliss tribe with unnaturally blueish skin was making raids on small towns and taking living hostages. In the long run, it turned out they were preparing for some kind of blood ritual to revive a long-dead Vampire Lord Blue Dragon buried in the sands.

Unfortunately, we performed poorly, and the sucker came tearing out of the sand at dusk and got ready to tear our group a new one.

"Still" got busy warring with the enemy tribes raindancer, (yes, we called it a dance off. We're not 100% serious all the time :-p). Two high level raindancer going at it is borderline apocalyptic, the battlefield was being peppered with lightning bolts, hailstones, hot scorching winds, vision obscuring fogs, rain falling up, ect.

"Levanitheklin" was at Still's side and trying to keep him alive.

"Slick" was distracting the enemy tribe (the entire tribe) by blending into them in and out and making them fight each other.

I was taking potshots at the dragon for lack of a real plan at that moment, doing little else but pissing it off and making it turn its attention on me, hitting me with one NASTY breath weapon and almost pounding me flat into the sand.

And in comes Deathwish, after seeing the thing open up with its breath weapon. "Imma try to lasso its jaw shut before it can do that again." We all just stared. Deathwish wasn't just a cool name, afterall.
So he makes a Use Rope check and a ranged touch attack, both succeeded with crazy high rolls, and the unbreakable rope snags behind the fat part of the dragons jaw and pulls tight. The dragons, ticked off obviously, tried pawing at the thin tight line digging into its face, but the rope was too small and too tight for it to get it off. Deathwish was making the strength checks to hold the rope tight, but was getting flung around the battlefield in the process, nailing everything he hit with some mutual bludgeoning damage. Finally, the dragon gets mad enough at me hitting it and the line holding it tight, that it decides to take to the skies. Deathwish does not let go.
So he's being dragged at a few hundered feet per round across the still hot desert sand, trying hard to 'waterski' as opposed to being dragged face first. Shouting "Whoa whoa whoa WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA" the whole time. And the dragon starts fading into the distance.

In the interest of not losing our friend, I shout that I need some kind of mount (ours were dead). The healer takes a beat to summon his classes unicorn (...), and I run and hop onto it. At the time, we hadn't decided if summonable animals (let alone OTHER PLAYERS CLASS FEATURES) could be taken over by a Trailblazer, so I asked the DM if what I was trying would work.
He thought about it for a minute, and then decided the "Rule of Cool" trumped any problems with it, and I made the Mounting check to dominate/burn the unicorn.
So now I'm on a scorched black unicorn, with glowing red-hot hooves, evil red eyes, and a flaming horn. Rule of Cool indeed. I shout to the group that they won't be able to keep up, so just keep fighting and follow the scorch marks when they can. And suddenly I'm hauling ass through the desert at night, at about 360 feet per round, leaving burning hoof prints and scorched plantlife in my wake. (Mind you, this was before the Ghostrider movie too).
(As an aside, the group successfully killed off the Sliss tribe, and started following the trail we left a few minutes later).

So our Gunslinger is being dragged by an ancient angry blue dragon vampire, and I'm following hot on their trail (pun very much intended). After a chase, the dragon ended up over very rocky terrain and started to bludgeon the hell out of our cowboy by swinging him into rocks. Being faster than the dragon (I was almost capped in the Trailblazer class), I managed to pull ahead up some high rocky hills, and jumped off a peak into the dragons face, which cause it to falter in flight and fall abit. The cowboy took the opportunity to scramble through a gap in the rocks and loop the unbreakable rope around a HUGE boulder, and make a stable knot. When the dragon tried to soar off again, the rope snagged in the middle, and with the counter-weight of the boulder it sent him crashing to the ground wing first.
I took the chance to jump off my mount and onto the dragons face, and "Opened Up" on him (a core concept of the spellslinger class is the ability to go nova). Hit him so hard with raw magical energy I knocked myself back off of him a good 50 feet and into a rock face, and he was seriously jacked up as a result.
But he wasn't even close to being DOWN, just hurt and angry. So the dragon pounces up and at me. Except before he can squash me like a bug, the cowboy is ON him, the rope now wrapped around its entire head and horns in various spots, the cowboy holding on like they were reins and jerking the dragons face around as it tried to move (strength checks, sometimes the dragon succeeded, sometimes it got its field of vision forcibly pulled in another direction). The Cowboy is also occasionally pulling out his spellshot pistol and firing a round point blank into the base of the dragons skull.

The dragon, not liking what's going on, takes off again but the cowboy is directing him (in a loose way) back towards our group. So I'm back on the unicorn and following again, and we meet up with our group a little past where the now-deceased Sliss tribe had been. The Raindancer starts helping the cowboy by directing gale-force winds into the dragons face, making its flight even more difficult than the cowboy had been. Slick tosses illusions at the dragon left and right, enough of them beating the dragons will save to distract and confuse it amongst all the wind and the reins pulling its face.
The healer hops on the unicorn with me, and we make a running jump up onto the dragons tail, ride up it onto its back, where the healer jumps off to join the cowboy (and I make another running jump through the dragons beating wings and directly into the storm force winds, because I was going too fast to stop).

The HEALER goes nova, clinging to the dragons head and making constant touch attacks to deliver heal spells. Finally between the hurricane force winds and hail, the pistol rounds to the back of the head, and the pulsing positive energy, the vampire dragon 'dusts' in midair, dying and burning to ashes in seconds.

Leaving a terrified cowboy and healer careening through the air at top speed through the ashes of what HAD been a massive elder blue wyrm. They hit hard, rolling and tumbling forwards at first, then backwards as the wind took over. The raindancer killed the dance, but the winds still had the rest of us being tossed like ragdolls for a second.
I wish I could have made that sound more climactic. We were so thrilled that we managed to kill that thing, the DM was amazed (he'd wanted it to be the campaigns BBEG! The campaign had to do a plot change when we tore the sucker out of the sky). It had been our first encounter in a week, and we used basically all of our daily resouraces/features, and almost every consumable gear we had. That wasn't a fight we should have won.

It also threw us out of commission for a week to recover. We crashed where we were, not even making a campfire, just sleeping in a huddle. The healer touched us up a little in the morning, and we limped back to the nearest town to rest and re-stock on what we could.

2008-05-27, 04:53 PM
A party of 3rd levels characters encounter a water mephit, and the caster gets nauseated by the stinking cloud spell before it get can get off an attack. The mephit is slowly widdling away at them while remaining high above the ground, while the archers can't get through the DR or outpace the fast healing (its raining), and the melee fighters can't reach it. After a many a failed jump check, the rogue gets a bright idea. After he rolls some 20s and uses his Use Rope and ranged attack to lasso the mephit, the monk grapples it, while the fighter plunges a sword into it.

Another favorite, a paladin who was imprisoned uses Divine Sacrifice on pebbles and takes out a guard.

2008-05-27, 04:56 PM
Between the extra damage from the crit, the fire damage from the manuver, I decapitated the vampire lord and awakened the thing as a Legacy weapon.

Ummm, you made a critical hit against an undead? :smallconfused:

2008-05-27, 05:12 PM
Fun With a Vorpal Sword (http://www.thealexandrian.net/creations/talesfromthetable/khunbaral.html)

2008-05-27, 05:23 PM
DM's "campaign-ender" battle: A dragon of epic party-rape. I'm a Soulknife. So this big friggin' dragon opens up (easily winning initiative) with a 5ft step and a full attack on the Barbarian nearly killing him. The Barbarian, in a futile attempt to get away, fails a Tumble check and takes an attack of opportunity, killing him. Party essentially cowers in fear, drinking potions and maneuvring around it to try and find a way to minimize damage to themselves. When everyone else has gone, my turn comes up. I'm aware of the pointlessness of this battle (in a large but but well-sealed area), so I make a running jump onto the thing's back, knowing (well, hoping) that its AoOs have been used up on other people. I succeed on the Jump check, barely. Succeed on the Ride check, barely. But I'm on. Anyway, it's pretty angry, starts flying around and breath-weapons me on the next turn, while I make Ride checks to save my life. My turn comes around, and after again passing a Ride check (no, we didn't even look up rules for this sort of thing), I attack it with my frigging Mind Blade, and roll 3 natural 20s, killing it instantly. 1 in 8000, and it was the battle that was supposed to end us all. It crashes into the ground near of the rest of the party (which is trying to find out a way to invisibly fly away from the fight), probably in the hopes of the DM still achieving TPK, but they pass their Reflex saves and I make my Ride check again to continue to ride its back. I take an amount of damage equal to "all the dice in this box" and get reduced to 2 HP. I step off the dragon, and ask the party why they should get any loot at all.

Even today, everyone still makes jokes about my being magically lucky.

2008-05-27, 05:44 PM
Epic fight that makes me want to play Dustlands

You always have the best stories. That was awesome.

2008-05-27, 06:31 PM
This one was sort of interesting.

The Party is off to kill some evil guy that thinks he's the grim reaper, and is therefore invincible, and proves it by killing anybody he can.

We find him in his hut and perform Operation Hotbox, involving a couple castings of Wall of Iron around his hut, leaving only a small gap, which we then throw Fireballs/beads of fireball/other such things through. We do this for abit and see him dead on the ground, one of our guy's goes in to check, and promptly gets killed by the bad guys scythe of +15 youdie. We collapse the walls of iron, including the one over his house, squashing it. Evil guy uses his scythe (which essentially dissentigrated anything it hit) to tunnel out and attack us. It ends with the evil guy disarmed (the scythe turned non magic when we got it off him), Pinned by a summoned earth elemental, and being surrounded by the entire party which proceeded to Coup De Grace him.

Apparentally he had some magic on him that prevented him from dieing (presumably the DM had some way for us to get around that). Eventually it wore off and he died, after taking over a thousand damage.

2008-05-27, 06:39 PM
My favorite had to be a crit I got against these ice demons. It was more the situation and just timing. It was just two of my friends in my basement. We just ate pizza bagels and where all kinda off topic. We come up against some ice demons and I just run and get a crit. I am rolling and I get all maximum rolls to deal 60 damage or something close to that. After that, we all got real in-game, so it saved the session.

Innis Cabal
2008-05-27, 07:03 PM
Dropping a marble table on a team of web climbing drow. A party that kills togather stays togather.

2008-05-27, 07:58 PM
It was almost a prty wipe: the druid had run away, the monk was down and I had two hit points left. I was a level wizard5/fatespinner 4/DO2 and I needed to one shot an avoral or die. i hit it with an empowered shivering touch, rolled all sixes on my roll and it was paralyzed. I was the over confident type and didn't even have a melee weapon so i spent the next sixteen rounds coup de grace-ing it with my myrlund's spoon. It kept stabbing it for one damage and waited until it got a one on its fort save.

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2008-05-27, 08:09 PM
We're level one. The party wizard shoots a crossbow bolt at a drow who we are fighting, and is really annoying. It hits her in the hand. "Yes!" she exclaims. The next second, my character, a short elf with a greatbow, puts an huge arrow through the drow's head. "Yes!" he exclaims.

2008-05-27, 10:04 PM
We were fighting a druid with fang golems advanced to 30 hd. On the first round, my sorceror cast disintegrate. SR check *20* Saving throw *1*. The golems never got to use their druid synergizing abilities.:smallfrown:

2008-05-27, 10:47 PM
I've got a couple of doozies, but one stands out: The time I wrassled a dragon and beat it to death with a small shield.

I was in a solo campaign, and my character was wandering around in the wilderness, when I fell into a pit trap set up by a young (but large size category) black dragon. We whomped each other to a standstill, and he flew away, having decided I was too much trouble to bother eating. I pulled myself out of the pit and kept going on my nature hike. As dusk fell, I found myself at the outskirts of an abandoned cemetary. Low on HP and not wanting another difficult encounter, I turned and when back the way I had come, deciding that I could pick up a nice, non-graveyard route. Turns out the cemetary encounter would have been a beneficial one for me, and my absolute refusal to even investigate annoyed my DM.

This is when the dragon came back on the scene. We scuffled a while, again fighting out way to a draw. Neither of us wanted to keep fighting, but the dragon was getting hungry. Not wanting to get eaten, or any more injured, I offered the dragon the spell book of an imp wizard I'd killed previously. He seemed happy to take that instead of my character's juicy flesh, but he asked that I bring it to him.

Stupidly, I agreed. At which point he tried to grapple me. God was merciful that night, however, and the DM rolled a natural 1 on the dragon's grapple check. I then rolled a natural 20 on my opposed check. Feeling frisky, when my turn came, I decided to grapple the dragon back. I rolled a natural 20 again, and the dragon rolled a two or a three. I was now in a dilemma, since I had not light weapons; my fighter was specialized with the greatsword. I did, however, have a small steel shield that I had used for a while when my greatsword had gotten lost and I'd been forced to go sword-and-board style. So, I pulled the shield off my back, and smacked the crap out of the dragon with it. The dragon failed another round of grapple checks, and my second attack killed it. I'm not sure, now that I think back, that I could have even used the shield, though it was 3E, and I can't remember exactly how the rules changed in the transition. Even without the shield, I would have killed the dragon with my strength damage alone, so I may as well have killed a dragon with my bare hands, come to think of it.

More recently, in a steampunk campaign, my rogue grappled an old lady who had been kidnapped and possessed by an evil swamp and pinned her so that one of my companions could pop her with what essentially amounted to a steam-powered jackhammer designed for breaking open tanks. I think I get at least an assist for that one. There was really no way my husband's character could have hit with the jackhammer without mine keeping the old bat pinned.


Lycan 01
2008-05-27, 11:14 PM
-insert awesome story here-

Well that was an interesting read... That was truly an epic story, and well worth the time it took me to read it. I'd expect something of that magnitude to be viewed in the form of a movie...

Sweet kills? Mmm, not many. Well, me and 2 friends killed Cthulhu last night in Arkham Horror. Of the 5 times I've played it, thats only the 2nd time I've beaten it. 1st time, we closed a ton of gates, and met some random requirement. Last night, we went about it the hard way. Granted, the 2 friends were noobs, and I removed a few of the strict rules (Monster Surge and Elder God Effect. They would have destroyed their will to play...) and bent a few rules so they'd stay alive in a few instances.

Oh, I dunno if this counts... but in an online Elder Scrolls RP I was in (standard PbP; no D20 system or anything), my character dove out of the highest window of a castle's tower in order to escape a POed vampire elder. In fact, it was the leader of their clan, and he had my character by the throat dangling him out the window. My guy kicked him in the crotch, and decided to take his chances falling. He'd hoped to stab his sword in the wall and slide down, but there were holes in the wall from centuries of decay. >.<

The Host suggested I land in the lake next to the castle. I kinda did that... I wrote from the perspective of a zombie, which still had some memories of its past life. I made it soooo depressing, because the zombie was thinking about picking flowers with its wife, and then without warning a screaming Wood Elf just falls from the sky and lands on top of him. IIRC, the zombie got flattened, and my guy broke a leg, since not only did he hit the zombie, but they both smashed down into the mud of the lake's shore.

Sadly, the RP died a few posts later, so my guy's fate was never revealed... At least I took out a zombie in a seriously comical manner. And as a bonus, I said that the zombie met his wife in the afterlife, just for that "aw..." effect. If anybody wants (pfft, I doubt ya'll care...), I bet I can find the original post...

2008-05-28, 07:13 AM
The party were on a floating platform thousands of feet above the clouds fighting a blue dragon. The dragon grabbed the spell book that the party were after and tried to fly off.

The paladin didn't seem to like this very much, shed as much excess weight as he could in a standard action (including his gauntlets and weaponary) and jumped off the ledge after the dragon, in full plate, made the jump check exactly (rolling a 19) and grabbed onto the dragon, mid flight... I forced him to make climb and balance checks to hold on, but said that he couldn't make any attacks because he needed to hold on will all his limbs...

So what did he do. He climbed up and nutted the dragon... repeatedly, dealing 1d2 subdual damage to both himself and the dragon. Bearing in mind that the dragon was already on half health, the thing got knocked out cold and plummeted to both it's and the paladin's death.

The next quest for the party was to find the damned spell book AGAIN, from wherever the dragon had landed.

2008-05-28, 07:17 AM
You let that guy die?

The guy who headbutted a dragon to death in mid-air?

At least make him a minor diety of badasness, or something!

2008-05-28, 07:48 AM
If anybody wants (pfft, I doubt ya'll care...), I bet I can find the original post...

I care! I do! I do! I do!

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2008-05-28, 08:09 AM
Came up with a good one at the weekend. I'm playing a homebrew-weakened (hence lower LA) version of an Armand (MMIII - armoured, burrowing size-S humanoid rodent) with a couple wizard levels. Therefore, I weigh an awful lot for my size. We're fighting something that is, basically, a succubus (but not exactly the MM's succubus, as far as I know) and finally get the better of it, so it tries to fly away. This thing has been messing with our heads (and draining our strength) for the past hour so there's no way I'm going to stand for that... pity we're all ground-bound and I've only got these two spells left... aha! Fly (Swift)! One round of 60' fly speed as a swift action. Fly to 60', grapple something with a much higher grapple mod than I'll ever have... I pull out the huge d20 for all to see... natural twenty! As I guessed, it can't fly while carrying my weight. We smash into the ground and the rest of the party pile on to prevent that blasted demon ever getting away.

I almost died, but it was totally worth it for the image of the beautiful succubus dragged to earth with a crash by an overweight, naturally armoured, hairy, burrowing rodent.

2008-05-28, 09:20 AM
Epic campaign, we were up against a god consisting of razor blades (forgot which god it was :S)

He already killed every party member altleast once, and at a certain point only me (playing a blaster wizard) and 1 other team member (out of 5) were still standing.

me: 'how badly does his wounds look'
DM 'like he could drop dead any minute'
me 'overpowered (better version of empowered) twinned maximized magic missile!'. *rolls several d4 damage damage*
DM 'he drops dead'.

killed a god with a magic missile :smallcool:

2008-05-28, 10:14 AM
This was actually a series of kills, and what made it seem so epic is ironically how low-level it was.

My level 1 paladin had separated from the party after detecting evil on the horizon and going to investigate. I moved through some trees and came across a tree house on stilts, surrounded at the height of the house by very dense brush and branches, and a few feet's width of balcony all the way around the house. The four evil auras I detected (one of which was very strong) were inside.

Sneaking up the ladder and peeking in the hatch in the floor (with no ranks in move silently or hide, and no dexterity bonus), I watched a druid woman talk to 3 bugbears about looking for something. She then said that someone was coming and ordered the bugbears to look out from the balconies.

I knew that I wouldn't easily be able to leave from here, because they were now outside looking for me on the ground, which was my only way out. I decided that in true Metal Gear Solid style, I would have to eliminate as many of the targets as I could without this druid seeing me.

It became an issue of sneaking through the house and the two doors it had leading out to the balconies, making sure I could separate the bugbears one-by-one, and take them out as silently as possible, so as to not bring down the others on me. I had to wait until I could strike the bugbears in the throat, so as to minimize the sounds of their death and also kill them quickly.

All without any modifiers to move silently or hide. It was actually very much like MGS in that I had to sneak around obstacles, take out enemies without alerting others, and could use Detect Evil as a radar of sorts.

After several long minutes I was able to take out the 3 bugbears, but the druid of course noticed that they were no longer preparing. Fortunately, with only her on guard, I was able to retreat into the trees without her finding me.


The following day, the druid was harassing a guard at the village nearby, and we were in plain sight. Being a selfless defender of the weak I had to try something, so I ran at her with my only Smite Evil (I was level 2 by now). I crit, rolled another 20 on the confirm, and rolled high for damage, while leaping and bringing my longsword down diagonally at this druid's clavicle. Unfortunately, she had a homebrewed amulet that shields her from one attack, which blocked my attack and threw me backwards. However, I made her eyes go wide with fear, and it's the biggest reaction I've gotten from her to date. I'm level 6 now.

These were my rockstar moments and they were both in the same session. :)

After several long minutes and narrow victories

2008-05-28, 10:44 AM
You let that guy die?

The guy who headbutted a dragon to death in mid-air?

At least make him a minor diety of badasness, or something!

Funny you say that, because about a year of real time later, we were still playing the same game, everyone had gone through a couple of characters and the games group was about to split across the country, so 3 sessions before we had to leave, the PCs managed to awaken a silver dragon, who would (according to rule zero) awaken the greatest heroes of the age to fight the BBEG and his armies, poised to obliterate the known world. Each character got to bring their favorite character from the past two and a half (rl) years since the campaign started, but elevated to level 20. He chose that particular Paladin.

After charging with an epic Heavy Lance on a pegasus into the mouth of the black dragon being ridden by the BBEG, I gave him that minor deity status.

2008-05-28, 11:50 AM
I think my favorite was made in our current Eberron campaign with my previous character. He was a heir of House Lyrandar and had a natural ability to use the gust of wind spell.

So we're sailing through a small war zone in an airship (the enemy army was chasing our party). Some harpies serving the enemy army decide to attack the airship, so they're flying around, and one flies over the deck, on a level with the elevated stern deck. My character was standing on that deck, and this is what I said (approximately, I don't remember the conversation exactly):

Me: I'll make a Jump check.
DM: .....:smallconfused:
Me: Okay, is this roll good enough to put me above the harpy?
DM: Uh, yes, but why....?
Me: Gust of wind.
DM, some other party members: :smalleek:
Other party member: What, you didn't see that coming?

The result: The harpy was slammed down into the deck, dealing mionr damage, but putting it within range of the druid's dire wolf animal companion and its +17 grapple check. A couple stabs from my character's rapier later, the harpy was dead.

2008-05-28, 12:56 PM
Level one party. My character was a Sorcerer who was out of spells. The DM had just introduced one of his recurring villains for the campaign, an Ancient Blue Dragon with levels in Psion. The rest of the party fled, but my character had stepped on caltrops and was cornered. (to give some background, we were using a modified crit system; if you roll a crit, then you roll a d% checked against a table the DM had to determine the effect)

Me: :smallsigh: nothing to lose, I attack with my dagger.
DM: roll the dice.
Me: A Crit!
DM: Roll a d100.
Me: 100!
DM: :smallfurious: 100 on the crit table is...instant death.
Me: :smallbiggrin:

2008-05-28, 01:50 PM
We were playing the Githyanki Module that ran in the Dungeon magazine not too long ago. We had defeated the Lich-Queen and were in the tunnels under the city trying to find her phalactery, when we came across a HUGE chasm. We sent an arcane eye down to see what was at the bottom and found the 2 headed fiendish dragon. While the party discussed our tactics, the barbarian got bored... and jumped down.

He had an item that allowed him to fly, and as he jumped the cleric made a spot check to notice and cast silence on him (so as to not awaken the dragon). He flew down to within 50 feet, released the fly, activated the haste boots, and raged. Took his damage from falling and did around 100 points of damage in a surprise round.

First round his get init, hits 5 out of 5 times with 2 crits (Great axe), does about 300 more damage. Dragon head 1 breathes, does no damage (Energy Immunity: Fire) Dragon Head 2: Claw, claw bite, tail slap, buffet, buffet... 3 hits with less than 100 damage.

Round two, Barbarian hits 4 out of 5, crits twice and the dragon dies. The rest of the party shows up just as it expires. Barbarian asks, what took so long?

Lycan 01
2008-05-28, 02:57 PM
After charging with an epic Heavy Lance on a pegasus into the mouth of the black dragon being ridden by the BBEG, I gave him that minor deity status.

Now that's an awesome death... Going out in style, AND you get to become a diety of some sort...

Anyway, I actually found the "Death by falling Bosmer" post. Here's a quick explaination...

Hillock: My PC, a short Bosmer (wood elf) vampire hunter who accepted an offer of Vampirism from the head blood-sucker, only to throw the wine glass full of blood back in his face.

Irenicus: The very PO'ed vampire who is holding my character by the arm out a window. He just asked if my guy had any last words.

Greater Bonewalker: Zombie made from bits and pieces of other zombie, kinda like Frankenstein. Big, muscular, and walks with a hunch.

Anyway, here's the most bizarre enemy death I've ever written or seen in an RP...

"Yeah..." Hillock grinned. "SEE YOU IN OBLIVION!!!"

And with that, Hillock lifted his legs, placed a well-aimed kick in the direct center of the Irenicus' crotch, and wrenched his hands free from the vampire's grip. Instantly, he began to fall. He found himself falling with his back towards the earth, watching the window from which he'd fell quickly fall away from him. He managed to spin himself around so that he could see the ground half way through his descent, in order to see where he was landing.

Apparently, there was a large lake beneath the tower. If he landed in it, he'd probably survive.

But alas, he was 10 feet too far to the left to hit water; instead he would hit dirt. Cold, hard, merciless, dirt.


It was a normal evening of undeath for the Greater Bonewalker. Lumbering around, it's skin barely seemed to contain its muscles. Or its bones. Or its organs. In short, it was just a walking mass of ugly flesh. But deep down, inside its rotting cerebelum, it remembered. It remembered life before death. It remembered its home. It remembered its family. It remembered nights spent in front of the fireplace, holding its beloved wife in its arms. Back when it was human... The memories seemed so distant. So faded. And yet, they persisted. As long as it lived, as long as it drew breath, even in this horrific form, it would remember. It would remember holdings it baby daughter in its arms. Fishing with its son. Planting flowers with its wife. Flower. It missed flowers. They were almost as beautiful as its wi-

Without warning, a screaming Bosmer crashed down on top of the Greater Bonewalker, instantly crushing its skull, rib cage, spine, and the majority of its internal organs. The mangled and tangled mass of bodies and limbs slammed into the semi-moist soil beneath them, kicking up dirt clods and globs of mud on impact. The Greater Bonewalker was dead. Its suffering was over. And somewhere... somewhere beyond the reaches of time and space... it was planting flowers with its family once more.


"Ooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......" Hillock groaned.

Kinda lame, yes. But it was one of the best posts the Host had ever seen, and due to my habit of making hilarious posts, the Host actually stated that he'd keep my character alive through the whole story, if possible, just to enjoy my antics.

2008-05-28, 03:31 PM
Hmm, not so much a "beating the odds" fight, but actually a player kill...sort of.

Evil campaign. Our group was going through an underground area leading from dungeon to tunnels. While most of our group check rooms through normal procedure, our resident impatient player wanders off to check a room. Alone.
So, a giant spider drops on his head and crits, wins initiative and crits again. PC dead.
Anyway, the DM trusted him to get a character set up while the game continued, and so the player (henceforth known as 'D') rolled up a Draegoloth. Now, since there were a few drow characters this seemed okay, and he let it in without spending too much time checking it over.
D's new character was broken. That itself is not bad, but he played it in the worst possible way. Despite us asking OOC to tone it down, he repeatedly hurled abuse at other characters and attacked them if they spoke back, actually starting fights with other PCs while we were fighting other monsters! He was able to kill any character with a single round of attacks with average rolls and dominated the fights.

The lead up and kill itself:
So of course we were delighted when a group of strength sapping shadow creatures leapt from the ceiling and latched onto the biggest juiciest target they could see. Yup, the big Draegoloth.
Now, my character was essentially an evil halfling rogue, who happened to be carrying an Evil Outsider Bane crossbow, and was scouting ahead. Seeing the shadows (but no longer seeing the group) my character started shooting rounds at the shades.

Draegoloth: GAH! Stop shooting me!
Halfing: Ha! I am not falling for that, shadow creatures!

So, the big guy ended up drained and we killed off the shades. The halfling then exacted revenge on the now schoolgirl-strength daemon by wrestling it and "retrieving the bolts that look just like mine". Now, one of the drow wanted to interrogate the daemon so asked that the halfling press his crossbow to the Draegoloth's head to add some incentive.
It should also be mentioned that this rogue had aspirations to join the Guild of Assassins. Conscious of his height, a big kill might be a good idea. The DM knew this. A minor distraction pulled the drow away and the Dm gave me a little nod.


Coup de Grace with sneak attack and evil outsider bane. One bluff check later and the group believed that "his finger slipped".

Now rid of the daemon, a cheer went up in the group and the halfling immediately started carving an application letter to the Guild on the back of the daemons skull. :smallbiggrin:

2008-05-28, 10:58 PM
You always have the best stories. That was awesome.

Danke :smallsmile:

Maybe my group should quit playing and just start writing D&D novels :smalltongue:

2008-05-28, 11:19 PM
Danke :smallsmile:

Maybe my group should quit playing and just start writing D&D novels :smalltongue:

I must confess that I borrowed a few ideas from your Halloween Horror campaign when I was last DMing. And the players loved them. (Meanwhile, I loved how I was able to really get under my group's skin.)

So, if you were writing novels based on your group's campaigns (or short stories, or further campaign diaries...), I'd read them for sure.

2008-05-29, 02:23 AM
our barbarain splatted a goblin with the flat side of his axe, it was a triple crit

2008-05-29, 04:12 AM
Although I'm a DM, one of my players (who is sadly no longer with us) had a female swashbuckler with a habit of stabbing hobgoblins in the groin. Those were often crits, and fatal ones at that.

2008-05-29, 05:46 AM
I was about level seven.. or eight... and playing my Mood Elf Ranger.
Got mind controlled into dueling this guy while the rest of my party fought his minions on the lower level of this castle we were in.
He had a vorpal sword and i was fighting with a one-off 'only for this adventure' intelligent sword that this guy wanted. He rolled a critical hit, but the DM ruled that the sword i was using saved my life by bringing my arm to block my head, and thus i lost my arm and the sword attached.
Dm ruled that my body got onto an endorphin high to try and deal with the pain and shock (i think he just wanted to see if i could keep it going until one of the others could help, or me or him ran out of hit points).
To buy myself some time i summoned a wolf in his face. Retrieved my sword from my severed hand while he was busy getting rid of it - i was taking serious bleeding damage each round by this point.

I don't remember too much of the fight after that (i doubt my character does either), but eventually i managed to drive my sword right though him - just as the group's wizard came running up the stairs.
Before the rest of the party i grabbed my severed arm and stuck it in my belt, hidden under my cloak. Then i bagsed the vorpal sword, before passing out.
when i woke up i was back in town, the NPC cleric had re-attached my arm and the party had let me keep the vorpal sword.

I later stole the mind-control ring too... well, maybe not stole it, just kept it rather than sold and didn't tell the party.

2008-05-29, 06:22 AM
I was in a DragonLance campaign playing a Draconion with Improved Death Throes or something like that. I forget, haven't played DL in a while. Basically, if my character dies, he explodes and causes xDx - I think it was Acid - damage in x ft. radius depending on the number of hit dice I have.

Anyway, I was a level 9 Fighter, fighting an Ogre Mage, I was down to three hit points, and about to get killed. I roll up last in the intiative, and the party's rogue gets first.

The rogue shoots me in the back, sneak attacking me for lots of damage, I explode dealing 9d-somthing Acid damage all over the ogre mage and killing it and five goblin minions.
One bluff check later, the rogue convinced the rest of the party that it was an 'accident'. Then asks the DM if he gets XP for killing me. :smallmad:

Oh, Wizard. Fly. Dispel Magic. Wizard fails all his concentration checks to cast new spells, and plummets to his death.

2008-05-29, 11:24 AM
Well, me and 2 friends killed Cthulhu last night in Arkham Horror

You must be doing something wrong, cthulhu doesn't die, it doesn't suit him.

I removed a few of the strict rules and bent a few rules so they'd stay alive in a few instances.

I don't think you understand the point of cthulhu, you're not supposed to keep your party alive. They might gain hope in the world or something.

2008-05-29, 12:22 PM
In the same campaign as before, we had a habit of killing people in ironic ways.

It was an oriental campaign, so there were gensai (unique individuals, one for each element). Two of them were with us, the other four were evil (well, at the end it turned out those two were moles, but anyway.)

The Water Gensai we fought on top of a mountain where they had been using trapped fire elementals to melt all the snow and flood the surrounding area so she could conquer it with mad water controlling skillz. We fight for abit, one of our party members (The guy who always dies) gets atomized when he tries to swim into the mountain lake she's standing on. She pulls all the water out from under him, then sends it back after he hits the bottom, crushing him into dust. Anyway, eventually our monk (with a Returning Boomarang of +4 redundancy) uses said boomarang to stun her, causing her walk-on-water spell to fade, causing her to drown. Oh the irony.

Much later, we are fighting the Air Gensai, who surrounds himself in a tornado. Our ranged attack's can't hit him (except for my character's cannon, which technically counted as a siege weapon), he's flying, and he's got some spell resistance.

Anywho, One of our characters was a half-dragon who had, previously, gotten an evil eye that could force a Will-Save-Or-Die 1/day, he flies through the tornado and uses it on the air gensai dude, who fails his save and, ironcially, get's splatted against a nearbye mountain with his own tornado.

2010-06-26, 05:19 PM
*I cast True rez on this long dead thread*

One of my favorites came from a Forum that has long faded to the darkest corners of the internet. We had to kill an Ancient Red Dragon and I was playing an Cold based elemental savant. We were lower level than we should have been for this challenge as well but felt we could pull it off.

DM: You guys manage to sneak to Dragon's resting chamber and finding him sleeping on a giant pile of Treasure.
ME: Guys, let me try something. I cast invisiblity and Fly on myself and get out my Greater metamagic Rod of Maximize.
DM: Okay.

At this point the other players are betting against themselves wether I'm going to get myself killed again.

ME: I quietly and slowly fly up to the Dragon's face, and cast a maximized Polar Ray up his nose.

Before the DM even posts there about 3 posts form the others calling this awesome or stupid.

DM: The dragon rears up and roars in pain from your spell but is not dead yet, it would seem that he has some wards against cold on him. However he is very angry at you and now that your invisibiliy has worn off he bites you and swallows you whole.

Eveyone is either finding this hilarious or upset that they'll need to raise me again, and they start making plans to finish off the dragon.

Me: Do I still have some HP left?
DM: *Uses a dice roller* Yes, you managed to survive his attack, but you'll be dead in a round or two.
Me: Metamagic rod of Still Spell. Still Greater Fireburst.

Dragon stopped moving at that point and I cast shatter the next round shocking everyone.

2010-06-26, 06:07 PM
My favorite kill was with my Warforged Paladin in his first adventure. I had a sorcerer, a rogue, and a cleric as NPCs. We entered the Bugbear leader of the Goblin/hobgoblin/orc horde raiding the countryside's chamber, the Sorcerer casted charm person on him and we killed all his minions. I said it wouldn't be just to let him live, but it also wouldn't be fair if i simply attacked him weaponless and by surprise, so I challenged him to a duel to the death.
It was an epic 6 round battle, I had only a dozen or so hit points and he had a little more. I decided to use my smite evil and I rolled a natural 19 I rolled again to confirm and rolled a 20, i rolled for damage with a d8 and rolled a 8 doing maximum critical damage, The DM said my longsword split his torso from his legs with a horizontal swing.

It was pretty epic. Not often do you score a critival hit with maximum damage

Roland St. Jude
2010-06-26, 06:22 PM
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