View Full Version : Need help fleshing out plot for tonight's game

2008-05-28, 07:01 AM
I want the druid to get his new animal companion today. I also want this to be part of an adventure.
The group is in a city right now, where they bought a haunted house (which they think to have cleaned of it's spooky inhabitants... muwuhahaha).

Right now my idea is to give them some clues leading them into the mountain forests. My idea was that they run into a orc safari of sorts which is returning with several impressive animals, including some smaller mountain animals of a more dangerous sort (griffins, maybe?).
Idea is that the druid will want to free the animals. So they'll have to deal with the orcs, and maybe even with some of the animals they want to free - or the mommy of that nice griffin hatchling ;)
One of the animals will be the new companion for the druid.

The groups avg. level is 4. Normally we have cleric, warblade, warlock and druid, chances are that the rogue will show up this night as well.

2008-05-28, 05:15 PM
Was there a question here, or...?

Lycan 01
2008-05-28, 05:18 PM
Are we suggesting how they get from the city to the mountain forest place? Or how they meet the safari group? Um.... What are we doing here, exactly?

2008-05-29, 02:18 AM
Ah sorry.
Guess I forgot to add the "Any other ideas how the group's druid could find his animal companion or any ideas on how to make that safari thing interesting?":smallredface:

The session went pretty well, actually. It was a bit to combat lasting, IMO. But facing a dozen orcs and a girallion usually is, I guess.