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2008-05-30, 03:02 PM
Hey, I'm new to these forums but heard it was a good place to ask a few questions.

I was looking at creating a Hound Archon character for a higher level campaign. It has 6 hit dice and a +5 level adjustment. What is the lowest level character I could create? Would it be ECL 11 and have no class levels? Or would I have to make a lvl 12 character with one class level? How many levels of outsider would I have (5 for the level adjustment? 6 for the hit dice? 11 because of both?) And how do those levels in outsider affect the character?

2008-05-30, 03:07 PM
ECL 11 is the lowest level. The hit die count as class levels. As far as outsider, it means your hit die, not your LA.

2008-05-30, 03:12 PM
The minimum level would be as the base creature- ECL 11 with no class levels. It would have six Outsider hit dice. The character would be created like any other sixth-level character (that is, you'd get three feats for your HD and one stat improvement, your first HD would be maximum, you get x4 skill points on the first hit die). You just refer to the Outsider Type (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/typesSubtypes.htm#outsiderType) to see what your BAB, Hit Point, Saves, and Skills are instead of checking a class entry. Your class skills for those Outsider hit dice are whatever the creature has on its monster entry.
See here for more information. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monstersAsRaces.htm)

2008-05-30, 03:18 PM
Wow, that was fast! Thank you much. Can't wait to start!