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2008-06-01, 08:10 PM
quick question regarding the conceal spell casting form complete scoundrel (page 85ish)...

Does it ignore the required things (vocal,material,somatic) necessary to cast a spell...

Does conceal spell casting conceal the vocal,somatic and the drawing of materials?

Do the enemies monsters notice that i am reaching into my spell component pouch to cast sleep at them? (maybe this is what the spot check is for)

Is eschew materials worth the 1st level feat for a changeling beguiler that does not want to be noticed as a spell caster?...

The alternative to Eschew materials is improved initiative to catch my enemies off guard (surprise casting ups the DC by 1)(we are starting at level 2)
This is a little bit unrelated but can a changeling take 20 on his disguise check if there is someone to check to see if it will work (normally it is a full-round action to change yourself)(6 seconds).

Shhalahr Windrider
2008-06-01, 10:01 PM
1. No, the skill trick does not remove any of the required components of the spell. It just allows you to perform/use said components in a way such that others are unable to tell you are casting a spell.

2. Possibly. The exact mechanics are left unclear. It seems to me there are two ways the spell could be concealed. The first is that the verbal components are muttered, the somatic components are worked within more natural motions, and the Sleight of Hand check allows you to draw the component unseen. The second is that the components become natural speech and the somatic components become actual natural movements. The former would indeed conceal all the components. The latter, not so much.

3. The Spot check reveals that you are casting a spell, period. What mistake it is that gives it up, whether one catches the manipulation of the material component or sees your lips moving as you muter the verbal incantation is mostly fluff up to the DM. The point is, the observer knows you are casting a spell.

4. Depends on how likely people in the campaign world are notice things like spell component pouches.

6. Retries are allowed on Disguise checks. If you have an ally to help you and make the opposed Spot check, I suppose you could do so.