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2008-06-01, 09:04 PM
I am making a level 15 geslat(spelling?) ranger and I wanted to know if people sugested some sourt of build. Right now I am stright ranger/fight 16 cuz well i cant find any ranged PrC.


Side note: havent rolled stat yet

2008-06-01, 09:09 PM
How do you/your DM feel about spellcasting or psionics? Do you want to shoot stuff with a bow? Fight with two weapons? What books do you have available?

2008-06-01, 09:12 PM
Well dm dosent care about any type of stuff we use as long as we can show were we found it at. I want to be ranged fighting cuz friend is melee.

Books I own
All but setting

2008-06-01, 09:14 PM
If you mean an archery PrC, look into Deepwood Sniper (Masters of the Wilds), and Justice of Weald and Woe (Champions of Ruin).

2008-06-01, 09:17 PM
Hmmm I am trying to keep it in 3.5 just so people know.

2008-06-01, 09:38 PM

Str:14 Dex:20 Con:15 Int:17 Wis:11 Cha:10

2008-06-01, 10:17 PM
Bump for the night

2008-06-01, 10:42 PM
Ooh. Not arcane archer. :smalltongue:

Umm, there's some fun stuff, but Ranger/Fighter works okay.

Ranger/Cleric might be fun, and buy a quiver of spellstoring arrows. Full BAB and full cleric casting? Why not?

2008-06-02, 02:14 AM
I'm about to go to bed and am not willing to search for my books right now. So here's a quick idea:

Scout (CAd) 3/Ranger 6/Scout 6//Combat Wizard (UA) 4/Rogue 1/Unseen Seer (CM) 10

1:Point Blank Shot
1H:Extend Spell
1W:Precise Shot
3:Knowledge Devotion (CCh)
5R:Rapid Shot
6:Practiced Spellcaster (CAr)
9:Greater Manyshot (EPH)
10S:Swift Hunter (CSc)
12:Quicken Spell
14S:Improved Skirmish (CSc)
15:Persistant Spell (CAr)

Persist Cloud of Knives and Hunter's Eye (both from PHB2).
The result is:

BAB +12/+7/+2
d8 HD
8d6 Skirmish
11d6 Sneak Attack
CL 15 (18 for Divinations)
All-around good saves (loses one level of Good Will progression)

I would take variants to ditch the dead-end Ranger spellcasting and Animal Companion, but I don't think any variants are great enough to make too big of a difference.

Emperor Tippy
2008-06-02, 02:17 AM
Ranger 15//Wizard 5/ Incantarix 10

If you go gestalt it is nigh required that you have a caster of some type on 1 side. Psion might be a good choice instead of wizard though.

2008-06-02, 02:38 AM
You might consider Pyschic Warrior as an alternative to Fighter. Combined with Ranger, you'll still have a bunch of feats and full BAB. You'll want to move one of your high scores to Wisdom if you go this route.

Alternately, Scout//Fighter has plenty of Ranger flavor to it. Makes you even more of a skillmonkey, which I assume is the point of high Int. I think the Greater Manyshot feat makes this build.

2008-06-02, 02:56 PM
Is there a better bow then just the compact bow?

Tempest Fennac
2008-06-03, 01:17 AM
Do you mean Composite Bow? If you do, that would be a wise choice due to how it would allow you to use your Str mod for some extra damage. I'd say Psion would be a better choice then Wizard (I don't think they suffer from Arcan Spell Failure).