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black dragoon
2008-06-02, 09:37 AM
This is the thread for the DND and D20 versions of The full metal So without alchemist classes. The shall be using giant's very own SEED system and will borrow their playing style from the Homebrew classes of the Avatar threads. So, without Further ado I bid you welcome and ask for this wonderful communities support.:smallbiggrin:

Alright I said it and now shalt uphold thy word.(yay random ol'english):smallbiggrin:
Base classes/Heroes-
Western alchemist- The offensive fighter. These guys prefer to get up close and take out there enemies personally(ex. the elric brothers)
Eastern Alchemist- These are chi masters of of the far east. Trained by the Imperial Chinese to manipulate the natural flow of energy around them these alchemists are born healers and defenders.(ex. Ling)

Advanced Classes-
Array Specialist- Normally alchemists who are skilled in the use of a particular set of transmutation circles and a particular element. These alchemists typically take a title to reflect their specialty.(ex. The flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang)
Dog of the Military/National Alchemist- Under the employ of any of several nations National Alchemists are a finley honed human weapon trained to use alchemy as a purely offensive ability.(ex. Zolf J. Kimbly,The crimson alchemist)
Bio-alchemist- normally Eastern taught alchemists B's can manipulate the vital nature of a living organism without breaching the dangerous limit of Human alchemy. Capable of recreating lost tissues using finely honed skills B's are also known as stich-alchemists due to their ability to create chimeras.(ex. Shou Tucker)
There will be more don't worry!