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2008-06-02, 12:22 PM
I don't know exactly where I read about it, but it was on this forum that I was told about RedBlade. I recall in that same post (I think) that there was an SRD upgrade for it, which included Psionics and Unearthed Arcana stuff.

But, I can't find it! Does anybody know where this upgrade is, if it even exists?

2008-06-02, 12:43 PM
http://downloads.redblade.org/. There ya go. :smallwink:

Extra downloadable files in their forum section (including - IIRC - the full SRD)

2008-06-02, 01:03 PM
I recommend also downloading the Box of Flumph program while you're on that page. It generates towns and npcss. The npcs have alignments, traits, stories hooks (such as X feuding with Y) and family links. You can track the city's growth through 10, 100, 1000, etc years.