View Full Version : gestalt bard13 factotum3/warmage10 need class choices for lvl 17-25

2008-06-02, 02:28 PM
this character is not primarily a damage dealer he is first a knowledge monkey(bard) secondly a buffer third a skill monkey(factotum) and lastly a blaster honestly to this point he has been able to deal fairly heavy damage with little effort while still having his buffs going (lingering and song of the heart) he has taken 2 leadership feats which at this cha bonus and the fact that our toric is a paladin with the same leaves us with more gold than god not to mention a small city.

as of yet this char has yet to fail on any front of his skill set. Hes only going to need to make it to lvl 16 bard as hes wearing the lordly vestments.

i would like suggestions for the 4 as of yet unassigned levels I was thinking something to boost the warmage caster level preferably with some more perks too

please say which book the class you mention is from