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2008-06-04, 01:54 PM
DMing a group in 3.5. We're having a little fun this time around playing bad guys. But, now as the group is edging past level 10, the concern that someone may get "too powerful for their own good" is popping up amidst the group. :belkar:

Our group's sorcerer feels confident he could survive an attack (surprise or otherwise) from everyone in the group...with the exception of the Rogue/Assassin. To even the odds, he wants to enchant some really great weapons for the Assassin to utilize, with a catch. He'd like to add a little extra surprise and is willing to sacrifice the XP and gold to make it happen. Should the weapons be used on him, he'd like some sort of backlash if possible. Or, better yet, a command word he could speak that would either teleport the weapons or the Assassin himself anywhere but where he is.

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. I don't foresee them turning on each other anytime soon...or even ever. But for his "peace of mind" I promised to do a little investigating and figured this'd be the place to ask for a little help.

Let me know folks!

2008-06-04, 02:01 PM
Try the Book of Eldritch Might. It has an item creation feat that allows you to drop a little extra gold and xp to put catches in your items, much like you're looking for. There's no backlash on attacking you, but there is a teleport to your hand option, which you could use to disarm him, and I think there was also a disenchant on command failsafe that you could use to just destroy it. There was also a selection of triggers you could set instead of commands, that you might be able to negotiate into "if I'm attacked with it".

I can give you a specific idea and price when I'm back with my books.