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The Vorpal Tribble
2008-06-04, 04:19 PM
Voting For Now You See Me (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79570)

The contest has ended and voting begun. See the entries below to vote for your choice.
(Note: As the poll option is still down just post your choice in this thread.)

Like all the GITP Monster Competitions, voting is open to any and all.

Voting will end at Midnight of June 10th.

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List of the Unseen

Deadly Gaze (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4279172&postcount=4)
Gastrus (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4304858&postcount=7)
Hidden Flame (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4279492&postcount=5)
Invisible Giant (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4277970&postcount=3)
Nobody's Problem (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4313986&postcount=8)
Rift Demon (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4320100&postcount=10)
Skratta-sker (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4323624&postcount=12)
Spook (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4315369&postcount=9)
Veiled Deer (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4292699&postcount=6)

2008-06-04, 05:05 PM
Though all of my competitors had very well made monsters, I vote for my own

Nobody's Problem

(I can vote for myself right?)

2008-06-04, 08:13 PM

2008-06-04, 08:28 PM
Hidden Flame

2008-06-04, 09:46 PM
After much deliberation, I've gotta go with the Skratta-sker.

2008-06-04, 10:06 PM
The Skratta-Sker was probably the most interesting monster I've seen on these forums.

2008-06-05, 05:25 AM
I vote for the Veiled Deer.

2008-06-05, 08:57 AM
While I'm quite proud of mine (and got a vote! :smallbiggrin:), I'm assuming I can't vote for it. Besides, the Skratta-sker has had far more work put into it. I was going to take goblins out of my campaign world completely, but on second thoughts I might leave them in in this form, with a few tweaks to lower the CR a bit as it's meant to be a lower powered world, and multiple CR12 beasties would be too much for almost anyone to handle.


The Vorpal Tribble
2008-06-05, 09:36 AM
Anyone may vote for their own as long as they can in good faith say they believe it surpasses all the other entries.

2008-06-05, 10:26 AM
well in that case, i will vote for my very own skratta-sker too (though nobody's problem definitely had the smoothest you-can't-see-me mechanic).

2008-06-05, 10:37 AM
My vote goes to the Skratta-Sker. It was close with the Deadly Gaze and the Hidden Flame and the Spook though.

hylian chozo
2008-06-05, 04:44 PM
My favorite is the Deadly Gaze

2008-06-07, 04:07 PM
I vote for the skratta-sker!

The Vorpal Tribble
2008-06-12, 09:29 AM
And voting has come to a close.

Stycotl wins this month's contest with his unseen creation, the Skratta-sker!

The Veiled Deer by Malachite takes the VT's Choice Award


2008-06-12, 04:52 PM
yay! *much clapping*

thank you for the votes. aaron out.

2008-06-14, 02:57 PM
:smallbiggrin: Maybe I'll enter these again then.

2008-06-15, 01:07 PM
^yeah, there is another one up and running.