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2008-06-04, 11:05 PM
Well I've never made one of these before, but I couldn't resist. I just got a Wii, and playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and seeing how fast Meta Knight attacks, has piqued my curiosity. So, how would you stat him?

I figure we start with a speed longsword and a cloak of the bat (note that his cloak turns into wings, but he doesn't actually have any) for basic equipment. For the mysterious flavor (you can never quite tell if he's a bad or good guy at first), let's say his mask thing is a helm of mind shielding. Race is something small, maybe with a dex bonus of some sort, but isn't really too important.

Now, how to duplicate the super-speed attacks? It should come from skill, not magic (though I couldn't resist a speed weapon). Whirling frenzy barbarian and Sohei both give a rage like ability that grants an extra attack per round, but it's limited per day. Swordsage is probably the best bet, it has maneuvers for limited teleportation (down+B, shadow hand), attacking all sides at once (hold A, those whirlwind attack style maneuvers), and attacking really really fast (pretty much any diamond mind: concentration damage for smash attacks and avalanche of blades for really fast attacks). Alternatively, Iajutsu Master from Oriental Adventures gets an ability to make two attacks with a standard action, which would work for a lot of stuff.

I don't really mean to focus completely on brawl, but I do like their presentation of really fast attacks. Feel free to work in any other abilities you know about, points for creativity, extra points for builds and wacky race ideas (Blues maybe?)

2008-06-04, 11:13 PM
Swordsage. Tiger Claw and Desert Wind grant extra attacks, you have teleportation and ultimately Time Stands Still.

2008-06-05, 06:37 AM
Especially if his Final Smash takes all those iterative attacks and uses them as a power attack.

As a PC, it's a bit much. As an NPC or an enemy... Especially in an evil campaign, since Metaknight is the leader of the Metaknights.