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2008-06-06, 03:16 PM
I got the 4e books yesterday. Of all the classes, the rogue looks the most interesting to me, except for one thing: it's total reliance on gaining combat advantage. Because it seems to be the most important tactical aspect of this class, I wanted to complile a list of Powers/Situations/Tactics which will grant Combat Advantage. Please list these with the page numbers and levels at which they are available (and if it is possible for a rogue to gain on his own).

When a defender is . . .
Balancing (page 180)
Blinded (page 277)
Climbing (page 182)
Dazed (page 277)
Flanked by the attacker (page 285)
Helpless (page 277)
Prone (melee attacks only) (page 277)
Restrained (page 277)
Running (page 291)
Squeezing (page 292)
Stunned (page 277)
Surprised (page 277)
Unable to see the attacker (page 281)
Unaware of you (page 188)
Unconscious (page 277)

It can also be gained once per encounter with a successful Bluff check.

Within the Rogue class:
First Strike (p.117, level 1), Dazing Strike/Encounter (p.118, level 1), Blinding Barrage/Day (p. 119, level 1), Easy Target/Day (p.119, level 1).

Setup Strike/Encounter (p.120, level 3), Toppel Over/Encounter (p.120, level 3)

Walking Wounded/Day (p.120, level 5)

Chameleon (p.120, level 6)

Sand in the Eyes/Encounter (p.121, level 7)

Crimson Edge/Day (p.121, level 9), Knockout/Day (p.121, level 9)

Shadow Stride (p.122, level 10)

Please post any other that you know of. Thanks!