View Full Version : 4E - Best Warlord Paragon Path?

2008-06-07, 03:58 PM
I've been looking at the paragon paths for Warlord, trying to decide which one is the best. The problem is they are very close in power levels, and I've come to the following conclusion:

The best one depends mostly on your group (of course), but that leads to its own conclusions.

Sword Marshal is the best in a "typical group". Sword Marshal is great if you have multiple melee combatants, or have chosen very useful powers that you could use the benefit of.
Combat Veteran and Battle Captain are about even for an Inspiring Warlord and Tactical warlord respectively. Combat Veteran is probably the best in a group full of ranged combatants, while Battle Captain is all around good.
Knight Commander is the third best in the "Typical group", and suffers from the same problems as Sword Marshall (does not work well with ranged allies), but tends to harm group, as mobility is important and the Knight commander's has effects limited to such small areas as 3 squares.
If you play a Tactical Battle Captain or an inspiring Combat Veteran you'll be okay, but not great.

By "Typical Group" I mean the classic D&D group: Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, with a Warlord in addition.

Which do you think is the best? Comments? Arguments? Logic?