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Mark Hall
2008-06-08, 10:03 PM
My friend, Erick Wujcik, has passed on

“Erick passed away as gentle as a snowflake.”

That’s how Kay Kozora, Erick’s ‘Beautiful Kate’ of nearly 30 years put it when she called with the sad news. She and other loved ones were present when Erick passed away, Saturday evening, June 7, 2008. A Press Release with more details can be found on the main page of Palladium's website. These are my personal thoughts.

I took the initial news pretty well, but an hour or so later I wept. I was glad two of my other best friends, Kathy and Alex, were at my side.

After the tears, I found myself smiling and even laughing at times, as I retold stories about Erick or thought about the many real world adventures he and I have shared. We were best friends – practically brothers. We inspired each other, pushed each other, and loved each other for nearly three decades. Even now it makes me smile to know that Erick donated his body to science. Of course he did. It’s so like him.

Ultimately, the tears I shed are for myself, because I already miss him so much it hurts. I’m selfish. I want my friend to be around for another 50 years, sending me emails, offering gaming ideas and sharing the laughter. Yup, that’s the selfish me. Ah, but the smiles and laughter, that’s Erick Wujcik. Though gone from this mortal coil, his presence is still deeply felt and making me grin so broadly that it hurts my cheeks. And that’s the way he’d want it.

What else is there to say about Erick Wujcik?

A million things! But don’t worry, I won’t write them all. Not here, not now. You can catch a glimpse of Erick’s life and beautiful spirit by reading the hundreds upon hundreds of accounts from people around the world on the special blog we started back in December, 2007 – erickwujcik.com

As for me, I’ll be fine. You see, I have a network of loving friends all ready to lend an ear or offer a shoulder to lean on. Thanks guys and gals. Most of all, I have the memories of my brilliant, fun, funny, and joyful friend Erick to make me smile. That part of Erick Wujcik remains alive, locked deep inside my heart, forcing up the smiles.

Yep, Erick makes me smile. Right now, I envision Erick tooling around Heaven, bouncing from cloud to cloud to see who might be available to chat with. I can see him hunting down his old pals, Dan La Flesh and Roger Zelazny, and then grabbing Leonardo Da Vinci, Gandhi, Confucius, a few Roman Emperors, some saints, sinners, and Chinese Geomancers, and sitting them down to play test a new game idea. And when they are done, they’ll take a walk and discuss the I Ching, game theory, nanotechnology and time travel. And knowing Erick, he’ll eventually turn the topic around to, “So guys, what can we do about helping out Palladium Books?”

With love and smiles,
Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer, Artist and Friend

© Copyright June 8, 2008 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Wujcik.

2008-06-08, 10:05 PM
Sad news, but not unexpected. Many sympathies and condolences.

Thes Hunter
2008-06-08, 10:09 PM
Wow, now I met him a few years ago, but I didn't think he was that old. :smalleek:

He was a very nice and very interesting guy. He will be missed.

Mark Hall
2008-06-08, 10:15 PM
Wow, now I met him a few years ago, but I didn't think he was that old. :smalleek:

He was a very nice and very interesting guy. He will be missed.

Erick was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in December.

Ned the undead
2008-06-08, 10:16 PM
I've never heard of him till today. I looked him up on wikipedia and he seems like a good man and that Pen and Paper rpgs have lost another Great.

2008-06-08, 10:36 PM

Thanks for passing the news along, Mark. My best wishes for Mr. Wujcik and those close to him.

2008-06-08, 10:45 PM
I got my first exposure to roleplaying with Palladium books...Ninjas & Superspies was one of the games I played.

Thanks, Erick. Rest in peace.

2008-06-09, 12:56 AM
..My condolences to his loved ones..


2008-06-09, 01:35 AM
Aw man this sucks :eek:

2008-06-09, 01:43 AM
I can't believe it. This year has been one of the worst for fantasy and sci-fi lovers everywhere. So many beloved names, creators, artists and pioneers. We will always remember their work, as it touched our lives as it helped shape them, those intrepid people will live on, forever. My condolences to his loved ones, may they be able to cope with this terrible loss.

2008-06-09, 02:14 AM
I met Erick for the first time at Gen Con 2000 in the super secret Amber DRPG area. He was exactly what I would imagine a game designer would be like, in the ideal sense. He was just a really nice guy.

He ran a nifty little one shot game. When the game was over he scribbled a note inside my Amber book. "Watch out for the trees." Completely meaningless to everyone but a half dozen people.

His name pops up all over the old game books I have stacked in my closet. I never paid any attention to it until after that Gen Con. But still, I got to play his masterpiece of a game with him, and his tree ate one of my friends.

2008-06-09, 02:40 AM
Mr. Wujcik was in no small part responsible for my interest in tabletop RPG's. Ninjas and Superspies was one of the first games I ever owned and played, and it was good fun. He was a great writer, and while I did not ever meet him in person, I can only imagine he was a great guy. He spoke to me across hundreds of pages of books, and I feel like I've lost a friend.

I remember especially the depth of his "flavor text," which was often derived from non-fictional material. The way he described Japan, China, and the rest of Asia encouraged me to do research of my own and expand my own knowledge in ways that I would not have otherwise. This alone is worthy of my most sincere thanks.

Goodbye, sir. I wish you the best, in whatever life, and games, you will be enjoying next.

2008-06-09, 05:03 AM
This sucks. It's a real loss when somebody that's as good as Erick Wujcik was at bringing enjoyment into other people's lives dies. I'm looking at Ninjas and Superspies and remembering all the fun I've had with it over the years. I can still remember making the trip to the store to get it, hoping it was still on the shelf.

2008-06-09, 05:29 AM
My condolences.

2008-06-09, 07:03 PM
Sad news - but he will remembered every time I play the (awesome) Amber DRPG.

2008-06-10, 10:50 AM
Not unexpected, but sad news all the same. I have fond memories of playing many games of his design, including Amber and TMNT.

RIP Erick. You'll be missed.

Occasional Sage
2008-06-10, 11:39 AM

Even knowing that this was coming doesn't really reduce the badness.

Erick, rest in peace.

My best wishes and warmest thoughts to everyone affected by this.