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The world of Kesmas....a land of racial turmoil and constant geological change. A darkness is preparing to descend unto the already gloomy land, hatred will reach a new peak.

Geography- Picture:http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n3/cliffgeers3/?action=view&current=Kesmas.jpg

1. Mt. Orlorn is the center of Kesmas, it continually lets lava flow westward which formed the Land of Ashes. Many people send prayers to the gods asking for it not to erupt but most scholars agree it is perfectly safe. It is staggeringly tall and large, easily larger than any of the towns surrounding it or the great city of Miluke at it's base.

2. Miluke is a city of two extremes. On the southern tip Lake Veronica provides clean water and food to the city. The northern edge faces Mt. Orlorn and constantly fears an eruption, the royal palace is located here housing King Alcord. Though the Orc society is primarily a democracy the king does possess some powers in emergencies. Each race calls this city home and all are accepted with open arms, crime has recently become a problem though and the normally peaceful orcs are slow to stop it.

3. Lake Veronica is a sea-sized body of water housing millions of fish and other creatures. The fishing industry here provides food for millions and is the main source of food for several towns far away. Daily trade caravans are constantly moving through the markets there.

4. The Nirman Isles were the beginning of Orc civilization, although now mostly abandoned many ruins still dot the land scape providing a perfect home for pirates and others who don't want to be found.

5. Darkmoor Swamps is a dark and rather wild place calling only dangerous and nasty creatures to it's deep places of hiding. The coast is the main home of the Gnomes and they are experts at surviving in the dangerous environment, many horrible tales have come from the bogs.

6. Urfalaksadon is the greatest city in Gnome civilization, housing most of the civilized Gnome race. It has forced an almost immaculate environment on it's people and heavily punish even littering with years in the dungeons. This has worked to keep the swamps out of the city but recently growth has began invading the sewers and other dark places, the city council is looking into how to exterminate it and the cause.

7. The Land of Ashes is an entirely volcanic rock landscape which is constantly but slowly growing from lava flows. The temperature is always higher than any other place in Kesmas but not unbearable. Many of the more warlike humans call this place home and have chiseled out a rough existance in the rock.

8. Beauty's Hold is where the more peaceful humans ended up. This slow rolling landscape is the picture of ease and comfort. Many pastures dot the landscape and hundreds of streams criss cross the forests. Many of other races have begun to move here due to the easy life it offers.

9. The dark citadel of Hlersuvius....a vast militaristic fortress dug into the volcanic rock itself. Thousands of humans toil at all hours making weapons and training for battle, the Commander of the fortress, Tasindus, considers it the peek of human potential and the beginning of the end for Miraluke.

9.5....little mixup in paint- The Elcian plains are claimed by no one race by hundreds of halfing merchants and nomads frequently move around it's surface. Mostly untouched by war and beasts, no monsters have been sighted in the area for years besides a few vermin plagues.

10. Golmapath...the Dwarven religious city built on their God-Mountain itself. It covers several nearby hills and extends above the clouds which many dwarves arent used to. This particular mountain has remained untunneled unlike the other mountains which house elaborate underground towns.

11. The Selfas mountains are a tight military zone controlled by the dwarves, hundreds of walls and gates keep the nearby jungles from invading the mountains. Many underground labyrinths make perfect transportation and homes.

12. The Delmorri Forest is a wild place, removed from the world. None but elves ever step into this overgrown place. The jungle is so deep and hard to even cut a path through only the forest' inhabitants truely know how to move around and even they have only scrtached the surface of the ancient wonders found here.

13. The one light in the woods, Qualficta is the home of the elves, atleast the most known one. The city is said to be built right unto the trees and houses millions of tribal elves, but none have visited the city in centuries besides elves who escape the forest.

Elvish- The Fair Folk began their recorded histories on the shores of the Delmorri Forests.Some theories suggest they may have journeyed east from a distant land but most elves disagree with this.
Slowly but surely they gained a foothold in the untamed wilderness. Although they had a horribly rough path to get there. They learned to grow in harmony with their environment.
Over the course of centuries, elven explorers made contact with Dwarven scouts. The encounter left the elves dead...Not quite knowing what to do, elvish leaders made no counterattacks and awaited the Dwarves to send a peace convoy. In only a few months a vast Dwarf army rose from the mountains and took the peaceful elves.
Surrender was the only option besides total obliteration. The Dwarven queen Bolrelga instituted a severe policy. A massive wall protected the Selfas mountains against any possible elvish attack but separated the elves from the world. Each year only 100 elves are aloud to leave the safety of the forest and go into the unknown world. But once they leave no living creatures can enter the forest, the Dwarves fear an Elven counterattack. For they saw if the Elves had been prepared the could have easily killed the entire invading force in the dense jungles....only a strong hand could keep them down.

Dwarven- The Stout one's trace their lineage back to the heart of the mountains. They believe the great mountain Golmapath ripped them from his body so they pay homage to it. Even their chief city sits atop it's peak.
When they first made contact with the forest Elves a Dwarven scouting team thought them some manner of beasts and quickly massacred them. After a great raid upon the jungles the Dwarves knew they couldn't hold the territory. The Dwarven Queen Bolrelga consulted the high priest of Golmapath and decided to quarantine the mountains from future attacks.

Orcish- The true definition of Enlightenment, the orcs have become the most learned race. Beginning on the Nirman Isles, the orcs prospered. After many generations resources began dwindling and the Orc Elders decided to conduct a massive migration. The loaded up hundreds of boats and sailed north. Quickly moving up the waters inland they founded many colonies which still stand today. The final contingent made contact with the humans on the northern shores of Lake Veronica.
The great city of Miluke welcomed the newcoemrs as servants and laborers. But after years of discrimination and neglect the orcs revolted. Without their workforce and because of their stagnant lifestyle the humans were routed. Most fled the city and swore revenge against their former servants. But the orcs regained their composure and gave up their former violence in favor of academics. A few human raids attakc the city from time to time and the orcs are always attempting negotiations. But so far each side has been unsuccesful.

Humans- The men of Kesmas are constanly changing. The other races have dubbed them an oddball in behavior. They believe that they themsleves rose from the lavz flows and were tasked with claiming the land, indeed there are many human settlements.
Over a century ago human fishermen made contact with the orcs. At first things went smoothly as the humans benefitted from the new labor force. But after severely discriminating against the newcomers the orcs revolted against their masters.
The humans who left out of shame executed all remaining orc loyalists and prisoners. Some went East to the Land of Ashes to plot the orcs demise, and the rest spread out into the world. The militaristic Human Empire in the nearly inhospitable land has raised a gargantuan army. Works of barbaric pillaging and raids have reached the ears of Miluke but no human armies have attacked the great city as of yet...

Gnomish- The Gnomes are the thing of Bard songs. Making their home in the Darkmoor Swamps, many heroes and more often villians have crepft from it's black bogs. Most Gnomes leave their homes as mercenaries. Some of the common folk think they are of divine origins because of tales of their exploits. They have kept neutrality in the war so far but rumors state the humans are making a heavy bid for their allegiance.

Halfling- The merchants of the plains, there are no permanent Halfling settlements but hundreds of merchant convoys and nomadic clans. Many people despise them for their lack of allegiance to anything but themselves. For they freely trade information with the highest bidder. But besides this many towns rely on traveling clans for food and supplies. Some developing deep friendships.

Deity Changes- Golmapath main dwarf deity, True neutral. Earth, Law, Protection, and Strength

Dragons- Considered almost godlike. Barely ever seen and when spotted considered an omen of coming events. Many adventurers have proven their worth by gaining the trust of dragons and using their vast knowledge in their quests, but others have killed them for the fear inspired by anyone powerful enough to kill an epic being such as a dragon.

New Racial Modifiers-
Orcs: +2 int -2 wis, +2 on all knowledge checks
Elves:+2 dex -2 int -2 on all knowledge checks. +4 on survival checks
Halfling: +2 Charisma -2 con +2 diplomacy and appraise

2008-06-10, 01:39 AM
Wow. That's good.

I like the changes to racial stereotypes, perhaps a little more explanation is required for the Dwarf-Elf war...why did the Dwarves attack the Elves in the first place? Are the Elves bitter, oppressed..?

I'm still having a hard time getting my head around the 'enlightened Orcs' idea though...:smallredface:

2008-06-11, 05:54 PM
This is pretty nifty. I would throw one word of caution to you, though.

In regards to the various races occupying different niches in society, it almost seems like you are casting each race as like... a certain country. It almost seems to me like each race you've described are their own nation, and that when the dwarves declare war all the dwarves declare war.

Just a word of caution. If that's the feeling that you want, run with it.