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2008-06-10, 03:35 PM
To be fair, I admit that we were already doing this wrong.

There were only 3 of us total, with an ideal party of five, and I had to double as the DM. The guy didn't bring any maps, so we drew our own squares. We also forgot the minatures, so we had to use coins for enemies and little smiley-faces on paper for ourselves.

So we used the premade KotS characters (human wizard, dwarven fighter, dragornborn cleric) and headed into it, with me (the only one with any prior access to the books, and DM anyway) mentioning where 4e rules were different.

So we fight a couple encounters, chat with local NPCs, and call it a day.

My first impression, looking back, is that they didn't remove sorcerer. They removed wizard and renamed the sorcerer. Lots of casts per day, limited number of spells... sounds like sorcerer to me.

My second impression is that this was more fun then we've had in awhile. It wasn't LOADS of fun, but there was more laughter and the bookkeeping was definitely easier.

Minions seem to work precisely as intended. They deal damage, but they die easily so they usually get knocked off first. The result is quite pleasant.

Critical hits are more fun now. We had loads of them (come to think of it, something like half the non-minion monsters got a critical hit at some point, and me and the paladin got several. The fighter got none, and raged about it.)

Overall, my verdict of 4e is:

A definite improvement. Maybe not $100 improvement, maybe not even an improvement in every way, but still at least slightly better.

2008-06-10, 04:00 PM
I hadn't really thought about wizards the way you mentioned. But that's not a bad point. Versetility was always the big thing for wizards and now they're much more limited.

Hhhmmm. Now I really want to see what the 4E sorcerer will be like.