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2008-06-12, 09:31 PM
Magic of Life [Regional]
The White Wizards of the Alliance of White Cities are adept at using their limited power efficiently. Once per day, a Lifebond Vitaemage may negate the cost of a single application of a single metamagic feat.

Fell Magery [Regional]
The Dark Wizards of the Black City are adept at channeling fell energies into their magic. A lifetheft vitae mage may only use this feat a number of times per day equal to half his/her intelligence modifier. Applying multiple spell tricks to a spell constitutes multiple uses of this feat. A spellcaster adept at fell magery may performing the following spell tricks:

Powerful Fell Magic - A vitae mage, when applying a fell metamagic feat, may apply the metamagic feat even if it the new spell level exceeds the maximum the vitae mage can cast. The vitae mage expends spell power for this new spell as normal.

(e.g. If a 4th level Vitae Mage casts a Fell Animate Acid Arrow, a 5th level spell, he would expend 5 spell power to cast it. Despite the fact that a 4th level Vitae Mage can only cast 2nd level spells.)

Flexible Animation - A vitae mage, when applying the fell animate feat, may choose to create Skeletons instead of Zombies.

Augmented Fell Magic - A vitae mage, on spells to which the fell drain, fell shaken, or fell weaken are applied, the penalty is doubled if a target fails his/her save. Using this trick increases the spell power cost by double the cost of the fell metamagic feats applied.

(e.g. A fell drain spell will cost 4 instead of 2. It applies 2 negative levels on the failed save instead of one. A fell weaken spell will cost 2 instead of 1. It applies a non-stackable penalty of -8 to strength on a failed save. A fell frighten spell will cost 4 instead of 2. It will cause the target(s) to become frightened instead of merely shaken.)