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2008-06-13, 03:31 AM
if your wondering where all these feats came from this is a gestalt charachter with the secondary classes as
TribalProtector2(wild fight)
Fist of the forrest1 (my con bonus is higher than any armor under heavy. love this class)
Nordic Champion 10 (campaign class)

still one undecided class level and im taking sugestions i was thinking 1 level of templar for mettle

this is all on top of having 2 racial hd from being a lycanthrope
i have 1 epic feat and nothing seems worth it seeing as i already have

Iunarmed strike(monk)
Endure Blows
ExoticWeaponProf Jovar(the archons greatsword 17-20crit)
Wfocus,special Jovar
GWfocus,special jovar
Melee Weapon Mastery slashing
Item Familiar
Spring attack(class feature)
Instantaneous rage
Defensive sweep
Blind Fight (lycanthrope)
Great Fortitude(damn class requirements)
Dire charge (class feature)
Weapon Supreamacy

I know I Have been doing nothing but asking questions but i'm new to optimization all my previous campaigns were much less demanding on how my charachter was built. less seriously close encounters with death. you know a few fey facinating some members as aposed to having a tribe of armand drag us into anuroch and get us under the skin of a colossal+ blue dragon with more templates than i know existed.

2008-06-13, 03:48 AM
Eh.. there's not really a lot of good Epic feats, especially for melee-ers. The Improved-Overwhelming-Devastating Critical chain is worth considering, especially if your weapon's base crit range is 17-20 (that is, it's not getting that way because of a Keen effect; Improved Crit doesn't stack with that.) Overwhelming Critical completely sucks, but Devastating Critical is decent. Chaotic Rage is kind of interesting, although weak for Epic levels. Additional Magic Item Space is useful, especially if your DM isn't nice about letting you get combined items (Like having an amulet of Health and Natural Armor; Additional Item Slot lets you wear both individual items.) If nothing else seems worth taking, you could always just try to get as tough as possible by taking Damage Reduction, Armor Skin, Energy Resistance, or Epic Toughness over and over.