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2008-06-14, 02:10 PM
I've seen too many people frustrated by these buggers.

Their shift ability works like this:
If you MOVE to a square adjacent to them, they can shift 1 square as an immediate reaction. As it is an immediate action, they can do this once for every one of their turns (it resets at the end of their turn).

This happens during the MOVE action of the player. The player can continue to move afterwards. It doesn't happen in response to SHIFT or TELEPORT movement -- just normal movement.

So if you charge a Dragonshield and still have a square left of movement, they can shift away -- but you can continue your charge strait at them.

If a player SHIFTs away from a square adjacent to the Dragonshield, they can also SHIFT 1 square as an immediate reaction. This shares the same "one per turn" restriction.

As this is an immediate reaction to the movement or shifting, the Kobold has to do it right after the player moves or shifts the square.

If played this way, the Dragonshields are hard to pin down, but they aren't impossible to hit in melee.

Common mistakes: They cannot shift more than once in response to further movement. They can only use the ability once per turn -- this is a rule about immediate actions, not specific to the Dragonshield ability.

They don't shift after the player finishes their entire action. They shift after the player finishes moving that one square. Wizards apparently clarified this.

Together, especially with the Shifty Kobold ability, that means that the Dragonshield can reposition themselves to maximize flanking and OA on opponents. It doesn't make Dragonshields immune to melee damage. ;p

2008-06-14, 03:31 PM
there is a bit of argument over the Move part of various monsters Immediate Reactions. An immediate reaction is not an opportunity attack. By your version:

Red dragons (and Orcus) could not use their tails if eladrins Fey Step in close to them.

The usual counterargument is: Teleportation is a mode of movement. While it does not provoke opportunity attacks, the rule says nothing about Immediate Reactions (tail slap, etc) so they should work.

I haven't seen much clarification on this yet, and figure teleportation might be just a little too powerful if you rule it the other way.

2008-06-15, 09:28 PM
Good point.

Then any movement (would it include forced moves?) that places you adjacent to the Dragonshield means that the Dragonshield gets to shift...

Azerian Kelimon
2008-06-15, 09:46 PM
Good point.

Then any movement (would it include forced moves?) that places you adjacent to the Dragonshield means that the Dragonshield gets to shift...


Thus, the trick is to either prepare an action to strike (An interrupt to an interrupt, which should go first), or to suck up the OA a normal move will provoke and get next to the dragonshield.

2008-06-15, 11:04 PM
My thought is that their shifting ability has two main uses. The first is to shift into position so that one of their allies with lower initiative can achieve a flanking attack or get the bonus that kobolds get from numbers. The second is to move out of a situation where they are in danger of being flank attacked.

I suppose as a third they could move next to someone to enable an attack of opportunity.

2008-06-16, 09:52 AM
Leaving the square using a standard move provokes. Entering the square doesn't.

So if you are:


you can move towards the dragonshield D:


which means the Dragonshield can do an immediate reaction, but not an opportunity attack:


at which point you can continue your move:


and then you can attack.

No OA from the Dragonshield happens.

It does mean you need extra move point to engage, and the Dragonshield can change it's position to flank, avoid flanking, etc. And shifting near the Dragonshield often can result in the Dragonshield screwing up your plan (maybe even moving out of range).


Note that there is a "programming-type" exploit in Ready an Action. Heh.

Also note that Ready an Action generates an immediate reaction. So you cannot Ready an Action against "target shifts away from me" and expect to attack the target, unless you have a reach weapon.