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Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-17, 01:17 PM
this thread has been created so that players of D&D can talk about what is hapening in there Campains. such as the monk just died and when I poked the glowing bag it was in I got zapped for 3d6 of damage.(that actually happened:smallredface:)

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-17, 01:48 PM
When we got my monk friend back he was no diferent though.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-17, 02:05 PM
When we got my monk friend back he was no diferent though.

2008-06-18, 10:03 AM
Holy quadruple post, Batman!

Well, to follow on with the OP (and, tecnically, the SP, TT and FP), my campaign is getting written at the moment. More details in about a month when the players start playing.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-18, 08:56 PM
The Quad post happened because of a wierd series of events.

2008-06-18, 09:30 PM
During an adventure we found some potions, we did what everyone would do... drink them immediatly without hesitation. We didnt noticed any effect so Coplantor (my character, pretty obvious huh?) the interpretative dancer swashbuckling fighter wizard thought that they might be protection potions and thus started stabing the party and asking the group to stab him, just to prove his/my theory... wich was wrong. No one allowed me to test my theory abou feather fall potions...

Don the Bastard
2008-06-18, 09:49 PM
We have just sent a goblin infiltrator into the lumber yard we are supposed to be capturing and setting up as an outpost, he returned with detailed building plans and rough numbers of defenders (he was invisible), now we are readying our squads (each player controls 7 characters [except the necro who has 9, cause he picked up 2 additional skeletons] a 7th, 5th and 5 1st level characters) for the eventual attack, LONG LIVE THE HORDE.

2008-06-18, 10:22 PM
The party has followed a series of clues to a city near Ordulin, looking for further signs of Talons of Tiamat activity. Exploring the sewers, we found a hidden base, only for the rogue (myself) and the barbarian to fall into a pit containing a juvenile black and an adult red dragon. The rogue somehow managed to slay the black, while the barbarian was carried off by the red, presumably to be devoured, though not before throwing his amulet of Bahamut to the rogue.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party (a cleric of Bahamut, a bard, and a wizard) explored the base, until they came upon some tapestries depicting Tiamat slaying Bahamut. The cleric went into a rage, destroyed the tapestries, then ran off ahead, smashing things as he moved. He strayed out of site of the party, and accidentally barged into the quarters of a wizard.

The wizard enervated the cleric, weakening him greatly, then set two small red dragons on him. The dwarf cleric turned and ran, followed by the rest of the party, except for the bard, who managed to deceive the dragons into turning around and going back the way they came.

Before we made it to the exit, the dragons realised their error, turned, and chased us down the halls. We just climbed out of the sewer grating and closed it before they caught us.

End session.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 09:22 AM
My party is all about to go dragon in about 5 more adventures. We are going to have 3 Platinum Knights ( one is me ) 2 Dragon Deciples ( one bronze, one brass ) a Dragon Slayer, a Dragon Stalker, a Hoard stealer, the DM made a monk order involving Dragons ( Because he is the monk ) as a Prestige class, a Dragonheart Mage, a Dracolyte, and the druid isn't takeing a dragon prestige class. When we're extreamly high level we are going to fight Dracoliches. The DM doesent want us to go Dragon until after we defeat the Temple of Elemental Evil. BUT I JUST WANT TO BE A PLATINUM KNIGHT!!!

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 09:26 AM
(And who tests potions by drinking them?)

2008-06-19, 12:31 PM
(And who tests potions by drinking them?)

The same kind of person who acts as the towns idiot to avoid being captured!

The same kind of person who shows everyone the severed head of a possibly good vampire he killed!

The same kind of person who falls in love with the first elven maid he sees and stalks her untill the next elven maid passes by!

The same kind of person who joins an anti illithid secret organization in a world where illithids are good and abbandon it !

The same kind of person who maximizes perform even though he is a fighter/wizard!

A hero...

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 02:36 PM
LOL! good answer. I've done some crazy stuff too. (drawing a sword in a bar fight is a bad thing, isn't it?)

I would add that to my signature if it wern't to big.:smallsigh:

2008-06-19, 02:41 PM
LOL! good answer. I've done some crazy stuff too. (drawing a sword in a bar fight is a bad thing, isn't it?

Is a terrible thing and no one should ever do it! I know a guy who brought a bow to a bar fight... and like in anynot entirelygood roleplayed campaign, we went to a whore house, his performance lasted like 45 seconds, guess he should'nt have taken rapid shot...

2008-06-19, 02:48 PM
I would add that to my signature if it wasn't to big.:smallsigh:

Then cut a part of it or put it under "spoiler". Being quoted on a signature is on my "to do" list, dont take that away from me!

EDIT: This should soud angry and mad scientist crazy when you read it out loud.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 02:59 PM
how do I do that?

2008-06-19, 03:10 PM
For the spoilers:


Should end up looking like this:


Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 03:15 PM
OK. Thanks.

2008-06-19, 03:17 PM
That's a much better explanation than the one i've PM'ed him. Moments like this make me proud of not being a teacher.

2008-06-19, 03:30 PM
I dont want you to get angry, this is for your own good, this is an intervention... I know, sometimes double posting might be exciting and full of adrenaline, but me and the other guys *points at the other guys wich are probably imaginary but what the hell* become worried onvce we saw your triple posting... you should consider getting into therapy.

Also, I promise this is the last bad joke for this day.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 03:38 PM
It's something up with my computer.:smallannoyed:

2008-06-19, 03:49 PM
it used to happen to me. But now I'm a new man!

EDIT: Nice signature by the way.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 03:52 PM
Thank you *bow* Thank you.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-19, 04:00 PM
Now back to the subject, I will probably be posting late Sunday about what happens in my next session.

Next time on Garphor Drinfang AND The Temple of Elemental Evil!!!!!!

2008-06-19, 09:38 PM
Lets see, it would be intresting to have a picture of the map with the minis. During a dungeon crawl we fought against a gelatinous cube. Somehow, after the first round, the barrier preventing the cube from advancing towards the rest of the party was composed by the mage and the rogue both in melee against the cube while the barbarian and the paladin stayed at the back row firing from their bows, i dont remember where the warmage was, I think he was inside of the cube... that's an example of bad combat planning.

Near the end of the dungeon we found a treasure chest, it was a mimic. The rogue was paralyzed by the mimic and the rest of the party started attacking untill the mimic said "Wait, lets parley". He said: "Give me your treasures or I'll kill your friend" (Coplantor and the rogue are best friends, both caothic neutral). I decided to attack the mimic, kill it, and rescue my friend. After I killed the mimic the DM shouts "WHY? He was being nice!", my answer "He was threatening my friend" "No he did'nt" "Yes he did". The DM looks at the paladin: "You've lost your paladin powers" The paladin: "WHY????" "You did'nt stopped him from killing the mimic!!!" "How could've I know that he was going to kill him?" "You were by his side!" "That does'nt mean anything! Besides, it was about to kill our friend!" "It could've been a good mimic!" "Was it a good mimic?" "No, but it could've been, you dont know".

Now I realize that paladins have detect evil as class feature, so the paladin might have known that the mimic might have been evil.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-20, 01:45 PM
My charecters best friend is his fellow elf fighter. They beat each other up in prison. My charecter was put in for *cough* :smallredface: *cough* drawing his sword in a bar fight.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-20, 01:57 PM
He got put in prison for suspected theft when he tried running out of town from people stareing at him.wood elves are green. of cource. wild elves look weirder. and thats what i am.:smallsmile:

2008-06-20, 02:35 PM
My campaign is still in the planning stages, when the last one stalled after one of the players decided that it was a good idea to steal from me.

My group is going to be two players, so it'll be focused on roleplaying and problem-solving with combat as a secondary thing.

The idea so far is going to center around the capitol of the campaign; Sovereign's Gate which is an absolutely massive city. The city is based mostly on Rome, with a colliseum, aqueducts, a senate, and public bath-houses. Also thrown in is a taste of modern Paris and Seattle: below the city streets exists a network of catacombs and abandoned buildings that were built over. Some of it is still used for sewers and storage, but most of it is the forgotten, abandoned relics of an older city that was built over (because, like Seattle, the placement of the city lead to massive floods and it was easier to elevate everything a story off the ground than try and divert the water or move the town).

I'm still trying to settle on what sort of tone for the campaign itself. Since it's going to be RP-heavy, I'm thinking the focus is going to be on social and political intrigue.

2008-06-22, 09:19 PM
In a our most recent session, an epic level vampire wizard from previous sessions led an army made up of undead (150), elves(108), 2 displacer beasts, and a mindflayer against us. My cleric's god gave a special arcane spell (needed a bunch of rare/odd components) to our wizard that would change the vampire's alignment to good. The spell took an hour to cast, and the wizard barely started when the vampire's showed up. There was only 4 (all PCs lvl 12) of us plus 10 seraphims to do battle since the wizard was casting. The paladin and I turned/destroyed most of the undead, the rogue was fairly useless, and the monk had to run back into the cabin to protect the caster from a druid (the monk's old character). To shorten this up, just as the vampire used shape change to turn into a black dragon, the spell went off. He told the elves to withdraw and the undead just disappeared. He gives each of us a bag of holding. And then we get attacked. End game for the night.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-22, 09:20 PM
Today we got on a boat up a river to get closer to The Temple Of Elemental Evil. While we were on the boat we got attacked by The Evil Frog People!!! They punched a hole in our boat and we had to stop for repairs. In the town we met the elven shariff who directed us to an inn owned by his wife were everyone exept the dwarves had some ale sat and had some ale(the dwarves arn't allowed to have ale due to an incident in the last town we were in). The halfling monk in the party noticed a man sitting in the corner stairing at us so he went over and asked what he wanted and he said "I notice that you are a band of adventurers" and comenced to tell our monk about Britestone keep, a castle he was stationed at that had a dwarven mine under it, and how it had since been taken over by orcs. He said "It has been on a finders-keepers basis since then and the orcs had been joined by two trolls and an orc mage" naturaly this was totally iresistable. Who dosen't want a new castle to store his loot with a DWARVEN MINE UNDER IT!? So we set out the next day and found the castle was almost totally inpeneterable to an adventuring party. So we came up with a plan to get in the half-orc would carry the wood-elf fighter up to the gate pretending to be on their side while the sneakys (the rouge the monk and the ranger) snuck up to get in. Almost as soon as they left wouldn't you know it we remembered that we had a wand of silence and of invisibility so we used those and started running towards the gate. About this time the sneaks got noticed so they ran in the gate and the rouge disabled the gate switch. In the courtyard they found a winter wolf who spoke GIANT and the only people who can speak that are the 2 dwarves. The orc who had noticed them then noticed the half-orc and told him to find the three so at this time we had 5 people in the gate and the other 7 were running up to get in. When the wands ware off we had just gotten in. When the dwarves noticed the wolf they were told that the trolls had inprisoned it and agreed to help kill the trolls but not the orcs. There were 3 watch towers we had to clear out before we cleared the 2 main buildings. In the first tower the sneakes go in and sneak to the top of the tower were the rouge chops the orc into tiny pieces(WARNING: crits can be messy). and the fighting scuad(5 fighters, the bard, and the cleric) charged in and evicerated the orcs in the two lower levels. In the process of which I got my hand-and-a-half sword stuck in a wall. The casters(the sorceror, the wizard, and the druid) saved their spells for the trolls and orc mage. The other two towers went the same way and we released the wolf to go kill the trolls. The trolls turned out to be wimpier than the orc mage. We told the wolf that he could leave at any time he wanted but he wanted to bring his pack to the castle! Boy where we surprised! but it gives us someone to guard the castle when we are gone. That is all that happened mostly ON THIS EPASODE OF GARPHOR DRINFANG AND THE TEMPLE OF ELEMENTAL EVIL!!!




2008-06-22, 10:52 PM
I forgot the time coplantor and ferethros bought a catapult just because it was sooooooo cool. We practiced our shooting skills with an abbandoned temple. We failed and hit some poor houses. We run and blamed some kobolds that were wandering near and kill them in the name of our city and it's laws!

Anyway, on a more serious campaign (created to satisfy a player that dislikes humorous campaigns). This is a campaign that I'm DM'ing. The characters: A LG dwarf fighter whose name I always forget, exiled from his kingdom he has taken the role of the protector of the town he resides now. Ai, CG human rogue (She's actually behave CN, only that the player did'nt noticed it ad believes she is CG) with a dramatic background (RPG tip: You can have a character with living parents, a happy wife/husband with no childhood trauma or the sole survivor of his/her city/clan/family or wathever. Come on, there are adventurers who had a happy life before adventuring. Right?), death parents, raised by prostitues, forced to steal to survive on a world that does'nt mind if she's alive or dead, this character has some kind of atraction towards members of the clergy. Then, the characters i like the most (because they ar'nt so cliched). Fotsire, the LE warlock, has amnesia and by now seems to be a minion of the other character, Masnerk, the LE gnome spellthief with a mind flayer grandpa. I'll let you know what happens to this heroes later.

Don the Bastard
2008-06-26, 06:48 PM
We captured the lumber yard and are now looking to it's defences, we lost 2 skeletal giants, 1 bugbear and 1 gnoll during the attack and were 1 roll away from losing 1 of our squad leaders, he stabalised on -9... though we had 3 healers who would have made it to him before he died anyway. We scored masses of loot, though most of it we are having troubles divying up, with 1 ranger, 7 "fighters", 1 psion, 4 rogues, 3 clerics, 2 sorcerers & 1 wizard in the party even a monty haul doesn't spread far. Anyway, our Necromancer is setting up some "land" "mines" of dead villagers, he took the corpse explosion spell out of the diablo 2 book. Now if only we could get him contingency...

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-30, 09:24 AM
there's more people in your campain than mine!I have 12.

Garphor Drinfan
2008-06-30, 05:43 PM
somethimes i feel left out