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2008-06-18, 01:40 AM
warlocks and binders, go nuts.

Eldritch Occultist
Your innate talent for dark magic has greatly augmented your grasp of the occult, and its forbidden secrets.
Prerequisites: Deceive Item and Pact Augmentation class abilities.
Effects: Warlock and Binder levels stack for the purpose of determining your effective binder level (affecting the number and level of vestiges that you can bind), as well as your damage reduction, and your eldritch blast progression.

2008-06-18, 01:14 PM
Very Good!
Binder & Warlock are two of my favorites classes, and when I played one (Bin4/Wrl2) I felt the miss of a proper multiclass feat.
So, Thank You!

2008-06-18, 09:42 PM
you're welcome. there is a binder/warlock prc coming on the tails of this one... stay tuned.

2008-06-19, 12:48 AM
i tweaked it a bit. i originally had it as 'determining the number of vestiges that you can bind...', but upon further consideration, i felt that too weak. instead of stacking for purposes of eldritch blast (a la swift hunter/ambusher/etc), i decided to augment binding further. now it stacks for purposes of binder level, affecting both number and level of vestiges bound.

definitely more powerful, but still within the realm of what i believe is fair. my original feat had a couple of combinations that i had played around with, but none of them seemed optimal, yet playable at the same time. this one i think i could be happy with. any thoughts for or against?