View Full Version : [4e] Spellbooks and Powers

2008-06-18, 03:02 AM
Maybe I'm missing something but the rules for spellbooks are so brief and vague and they're incomprehensible to me. :smallfrown:

I think I understand how they work from level 1 to 10, simply adding two daily/utility powers as appropriate, then preparing 1 or 2 each per day depending on level.

The confusion starts at 12th level. Is the utility power earned from a paragon path added to the spellbook? Can the character select a second utility power at 12th/26th to add to the spellbook, or does he/she only get the one utility at these levels? (Since paragon paths only list one utility power, a new utility power would be selected from the lower-level utilities on the wizard class list.)

What about replacing daily powers? Does the wizard replace one or two daily powers from the spellbook at 15th+? What about the paragon daily power, does the wizard select another lower-level daily when he/she gains the paragon daily? How does the Expanded Spellbook feat affect power acquisition/replacement after 11th?