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2008-06-18, 04:06 AM
So I'm a pretty new player, but have been trying to learn as much as possible as I really enjoy the game.

So after just our second adventure, my 2 barb / 2 fighter was lucky enough to help defeat the guard captain of a misguided Baron whom we later captured for questioning.

Anyways, the Guard Captain dropped his magic long sword, which when stats were rolled, turned out to be a +1 longsword (for medium) with wounding.

Since I'm the only true melee in the group, they let me have the weapon.

Now, since the sword was designed for a medium race, the DM decided to let me use it, but only as a 2h (since I'm playing a gnome), but with the damage range of a regular longsword for a small race (1d8).

I looked in the DM guide for how much the weapon was worth, since I was hoping to sell it and upgrade to a 2h weapon that was built for my size, but was somewhat confused by the magic item value list.

Can anyone help me figure out how much a +1 Longsword with wounding on it is worth? Or how to use the tables in the DM book (maybe I'm just tired and misreading or something).

Once again, greatly appreciate the help I've been given over the past couple of days!:smallbiggrin:

2008-06-18, 04:41 AM
It is very easy to do that. If you have a weapon that is +X, with special abilities A and B you need to do following:

1) Find description for the special abilities on weapon in DMG. At the and of section describing that ability you will see Price: +Y. Do that for all of the special abilities.
2) Now add them together to determine weapons effective bonus. R = X+Y(price for A)+Z(price for B)
3)Next is to determine the value. You use the formula R^2*2000 + 300(cost of masterwork weapon) + cost of the weapon.
4) Sell it for half of price. This is per rules, but your DM might have different so you should check that with him

Now, in your case R = 1 (enhancement bonus) + 2 (price for Wounding) = 3,
so price is 3^2*2000 + 315 = 18315.

If you don't have a copy of DMG, you can find prices here (http://www.d20srd.org/).

2008-06-18, 05:26 AM
Hmm...so a weapon worth roughly 18k gold...that seems a tad much for our first real adventure in our campaign (the first two were tutorials basically since we're all new).

Instead of selling it and screwing up the amount of gold I/we can, I might ask if I can trade it in for a more balanced 2h for where we're at in the campaign...or sell it idk :smallbiggrin:

Thank you.

Paul H
2008-06-22, 08:59 AM

1) You could use the weapon 1H as a non-proficiency, ie -4 to hit, normal damage. (You are treated as non-proficient with wrongly sized weapons).

2) Strong Arm Bracers. Magic Item Compendium Pg 139. Allow you to wield wpns as if you were one size larger.

6000gp bit stiff early on, but allows you to use any weapon made for med sized without penalty.

Some very nice stuff in the MIC. (Healing Belt, Everlasting Rations, Everlasting Wands, etc. Plus all the weapons & armour a fantasy Rambo could wish for.........). :smallwink:

Paul H

2008-06-22, 09:09 AM
Or you can use the werapon equivalency rules from the DMG.

A medium +1 wounding longsword becomes a small +1 wounding greatsword.