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2008-06-19, 01:43 AM
I'm in a bit of a bind: I'm scheduled to run an introductory module for my family this Saturday, and have been waiting for the D&D Experience Preview modules to be released, so I could run them and give people who've never played D&D before a quick-and-dirty try.

One might think me lucky, since WOTC recently released Escape from Sembia (https://events.wizards.com/RPGAWeb/external/econplay.asp?ScenarioCd=PREV21LFR), one of the modules at the D&D XP, for RPGA GMs to download and run. However, I'm not currently an RPGA member, nor do I have the means to quickly become one. I'd much rather run a pre-written module, since I'm not very creative on the fly, and I don't have enough time to prepare a good adventure otherwise. Thus, I bring my plea to the GiTP forums...

If anyone has the ability and the willingness to help me out with a copy of this pdf, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I'm out of bounds by asking for this, I apologize, but I'm posting under the assumption that the module is public domain, since RPGA membership is free and the file is available publicly on the WOTC website; I just simply can't get access to it in a timely fashion.

2008-06-19, 01:49 AM
Can't help out on the specific module(s) you're looking for, but if worst comes to worst you could head down to your local gaming store (or even B&N or other bookstore) and pick up Keep on the Shadowfell (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=products/dndacc/217187400), the first published 4E adventure. As a bonus, since it was the "preview adventure," it also has 5 or 6 pregenerated character so you can run the game without buying the three Core books.

2008-06-19, 08:16 AM
That'd definitely be an option, if it comes down to it. I'm already in a game of Keep on the Shadowfell, however, and I don't want to expose myself to any spoilers unless I absolutely have to!