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2008-06-19, 11:09 PM
Hi everyone, I am joining you from Sydney, Australia. I am looking for your help to find my sister. A few years back my father had been to US and later he was back to Australia where he married a lady(the lady is now my mom). Later, I was born and when I grew up he revealed to me that I have a sister in California. I know her name and the initials but now I am not sure that whether I should make a search for her as I don’t even know if she’s alive and well. So, if anyone of you knows any ways by which I can find her existence, then please let me know about that. If you could give me any sort of help…it would be appreciable.

Thanks in advance.

2008-06-19, 11:30 PM
Herman --

I'm not sure that this forum is the best place for you to start your search.

It would probably be better for your father to take the lead in trying to establish contact with his daughter, than for you to run the search yourself.

Nonetheless, if you do decide to try to track her down...a reputable private investigator would be a good move. On the low-cost end of the spectrum, Google is a better place to start than GiantITP.

In any case, if you gain a lead to someone who might be your sister, please think carefully before contacting that person. If you move rashly, you could cause a lot of pain for no real purpose.

I hope things work out well for all three of you.

2008-06-19, 11:40 PM
I feel for you, but this is so amazingly not the place for this kind of thread.

Good luck nonetheless.

The New Bruceski
2008-06-19, 11:52 PM
We don't validate here without a purchase of $10 or greater.

The Necroswanso
2008-06-20, 12:27 AM
OH NO! The playground is under attack from horrible bots of some sort! Take heed and hide!
*runs, hides, cries self to sleep.*

Mark Hall
2008-06-20, 01:38 AM
This is the second out-of-place public records request I've seen on a gaming forum... the other was a guy wanting to look up death records regarding, IIRC, his long-lost brother, over on RPG.Net.

2008-06-20, 03:21 PM
Brother? Is that you?

2008-06-20, 03:34 PM
Sorry? You need to find a long lost sister on another continent and all you know is the state of America she's in, her name and her intials? Well, congratulations, you've come to the right place, a gaming forum dedicated to a webcomic. We will begin making gather information checks imediatly.

Because of my high charisma, no please don't laugh. I do so have a high charisma. Now, as I was sayin-no! I don't powergame, so what if I didn't dump my charisma? Look, honey, I'm going to ignore you if you mention charisma again.

Because of my high charisma *pause* [silence] I will make the primary gather information check.


Anyone want to make aid other checks?

The Playground: We make Gather Information checks.

2008-06-20, 04:40 PM
doubt that the forum roller works here...


Illiterate Scribe
2008-06-20, 05:11 PM
Well, you could ask a logical positivist. I hear that they are quite good at resolving and proving the existence of things. Unless the existence of a sister is a meaningless assertion, which I would assume it wasn't.

Pie Guy
2008-06-20, 09:36 PM

Sorry, got nothing.

But seriously I reccomend a PI, possibly woth the name magnum [INSERT LAUGH TRACK HERE], because, honestly, this is a dnd website. We (Most of us, anyway) don't have access to California public records.

2008-06-20, 09:41 PM
Herman, unless you're a bot, I can have one of my buddies at work check the criminal databases for her. If you PM me the name I can have them give it a whirl and see if anything pops up.

2008-06-20, 09:56 PM
Based on the thread title, I thought this would be about the OP's problems with his angsty sister constantly trying to upstage him so she could feel important...

2008-06-20, 10:47 PM
I got her tied up out back.
Gladly trade her to ya for a cute guy of equal or greater value.
...or maybe several of not-too-much lesser value.

2008-06-20, 11:00 PM
She got an office job, and has been trapped in a cubicle ever since. I would go back there, but I only just barely escaped myself.