View Full Version : Warforged Charger - Seeking Advice

2008-06-22, 04:35 PM
I have a player looking for a bit of help building his warforged charger.

Game: a ECL 12 Eberron game.

His general concept - a Warforged Charger (+4LA +4racial HD) with 2 levels of a full BAB class and then 2 levels into warforged Juggernaut.

It is ruled that the Powerful Charge stack to basically powerful charge=greater powerful charge and later on greater powerful charge expands it further still.

He is thinking 2 levels of fighter for the BAB and extra feats.

This would give him 3 more feats to choose (after power attack / impr bull rush.)

Shock Trooper is what I plan on suggesting but wonder what other combos and builds might work with the last 2 feats or if something other than fighter might work better?

Things I was thinking included Improved Natural Attack on the slam attacks and possibly multiattack.

FYI: we are using the vitality/wound system but due to juggernauts crit immunity his vitality will be pooled with wounds so he will actually have lots of HP despite the +4LA.