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2008-06-23, 11:14 AM
I play a mad scientist-style artificer in a campaign with a half-minotaur warblade. While the big guy is useful to have around (combat is a non-issue with him around: either the rest of the party isn't needed or we're sorely outclassed and should stay out of it in either event), his large size can really be a hinderance in a world designed for the medium of stature. This issue will only become worse as my artificer begins playing with vehicles and we don't want to strap him to the roof.

So my question is this, is there any established way to reduce an individual's size for an indefinite period of time? We had been thinking a simple hat of disguise, but that only takes a foot off the user's height at most and it's an illusion regardless. A variation that uses Alter Self instead of Disguise Self is viable, but it'd be either hideously broken (avariel) or bank-bustingly expensive (the party is currently in the 4-6 level range). Have any of the experts around here seen an established item that does this or knows of a good approach to designing an item that could accomplish this?

2008-06-23, 11:24 AM
You could make a continuous item of Reduce Person (assuming he counts as humanoid, but even if he doesn't, I don't think it would be broken to just rule it only worked on his type), which would cost (as per the item rules)...

Spell level x Caster Level x 2000 x duration modifier = Price

1 x 1 x 2000 x 2 = 4000.

Just to make him a size category smaller, I don't think say... a belt of reducing for 4,000 GP would be bad.

2008-06-23, 11:47 AM
Good catch. I had Reduce Person mentally filed away as a 2nd level spell, which puts me in the same messy position as Alter Self. This will be almost easy by comparison. Thanks a lot.