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2008-06-24, 02:21 PM
Easily capable of cutting off limbs, Battle Scissors are large and awkward weapons. This excessive thing has a total of four blades, so that in addition to a pair of gigantic scissors, it can function like a sword as well. Because of the way it is held, there is an additional +2 penalty for attempts to disarm.

If used as a two handed weapon, it deals 2d8 damage. If used as a double weapon, each side deals 1d10.

edit: It occurs to me that enchantments could be a problem. In which case, if one were to use it as a Two Handed Weapon, only one blades enchantments would apply at a time.
Battle Scissors
{table] Cost | Dmg| Critical| Range Increment| Weight| Type

250 | 2d8 or 1d10/1d10 | x3 | - | 15 | Slashing

In an earlier post, I was looking for some help on creating a pair of Weaponized Scissors. I decided to go with this. I imagine this as being a bit like two great swords taped together. It is not two great swords taped together, that's an even stupider idea than a giant pair of scissors.

When I was thinking of a weapon like this, I realized that someone probably would have realized it would be more effective to sharpen it along the outside, and the inside.

I wasn't sure how to handle a special "scissor" attack. As is, it's assumed that closing the blades in on someone would be much the same as swinging it at them.

Also, it seems this is a case where it could be used as a Double Weapon or Two Handed Weapon. Most of the two handed weapons seem to be variations on a Staff, but this is fairly different thing.

And while this is stronger than most of the other Exotic Weapons, most of the Exotic Weapons aren't really that good, and you have to spend a feat to use them.