View Full Version : A question about battles

Xero Kunai
2008-06-24, 05:41 PM
How would you do it, if you were playing a Star Wars D20 game over MSN, are there any grids or anything you can use to show where everyone is? Or do you just have to bust out the ole... words, thing.

Anyone that can help me, it would be appreciated.

Xero Kunai
2008-06-24, 05:51 PM
And on a second note, anyone who can help me get this Kajagoogoo song out of my head.. that would be appreciated too.

2008-06-24, 06:07 PM
I never played earlier versions, but they were used without miniatures and grids I think, so it likely isn't hard.

Xero Kunai
2008-06-24, 10:37 PM
Well... I guess that.. moderately helps my problem, though I was hoping for a bit less vague answer.

2008-06-24, 11:14 PM
You could try to use openrpg (http://www.openrpg.com/). I used it a bit in the past. It works well, especially if you already have players. The main problem I had with it is a few bugs that appear (what can you expect from freeware) and flaky players on the forums there. Make sure you read the documentation of how to use minis. Additionally, there is a dice roller installed as well.

Good luck