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2008-06-25, 08:06 AM
Alright, a few folks might remember my earlier thread about the Blade conversion, but I've run into another little... 'thing'.

The maneuver Steel Wind allows me to attack two targets. It's activation is a standard action. Does this work with the feat Dual Strike (attack with two weapons as a standard action)? Would I get two attacks against each target?

If this is the case I probably won't be using dual strike. I really don't want to outshine everyone that much <_<

2008-06-25, 08:10 AM
Not by RAW you cannot. Both are separate Standard Actions. When you use your Standard Action for the turn, you can take either-or. However, seeing that Dual Strike is effectively total crap, I wouldn't see trouble allowing it to be combined with offensive Strikes; it still wouldn't do anything much :s

2008-06-25, 12:41 PM
When you use a ToB maneuver you can only use exactly what is listed in the Maneuver IT cannot be combined with any other attack. Regardless of the Above Posters opinion of Dual Strike its a bad precedent to start allowing this.

2008-06-25, 01:10 PM
You cannot combine Steel Wind with Duel Strike - each of them would take a separate Standard Action.

3.5 has tons of examples like this - things that should fit together but don't. For example, the Order of the Bow Initiate has an ability called Ranged Precision, which adds +(1d8 * level/2) damage to a single attack as a Stadard Action. You'd think that you could combine it with Manyshot or Rapidshot (a requirement for the class). But you can't. This renders the PrC utterly useless.

Unlike Order of the Bow, ToB is quite powerful and balanced as is. So there's no need to combine them anyway.