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2008-06-27, 08:53 AM
Hey folks, looking for some suggestions on equipment for a techie (not Saga edition). More specifically, he's a tech specialist 5/soldier 1/outlaw slicer 9/starship ace 2. Pretty much anything in the core rulebook, Hero's Guide, Dark Side sourcebook, and Power of the Jedi is fair game, but no huge-ticket items (our ship is being provided, and no fighters).

So any suggestions are welcome - weapons, computers, armor, other gear. He focuses on computer use, computer crafting, piloting, astrogate, and repair skills.

Abilities: St 8, Dx 18, Cn14, In 20, Ws 16, Ch 16
Obviously not a melee combatant. He'll have the standard pistol, and maybe a rifle for long distance.

Ah yes, he's human, and this is a dark side campaign, if it matters.


2008-06-27, 01:25 PM
I'd suggest tool kits for all relevant skills (repair kit/slicing kit etc) with a dash of generally useful stuff (full mill spec comlink with encoding/encription/decryption so you can spy on other people communications) Possibly include holo disguise kit, and a few special datapads with relevant knoledge skills (helps the roll if you can look it up right).

Aside from that explosives (though they will go through money quickly) are a nice touch.

As armor goes being an ace pilot and all I'd expect a flightsuit. Though at your level armor is pretty irrelevant, not suffocating in vacumn opens up many very cheap strategies. (like just burning a hole in the door to a ship while in space being an effective way to kill a crew, or at least a compartment).

No reason not to have a standard Heavy blaster Pistol ... though for extra fun if your GM lets you get away with it try to get a nightstinger (?I think that's the name). They can fire invisable blasterfire... which is again neat and nice for assassination/sniping (though at 2d6 damage not all that impressive). For more direct confrontations a light repeating blaster is nice especially if you have all the multi/rapidshot feats.

Having a droid or two is also nice, they can guard protect, distract, and carry all your stuff... at very reasonable prices... and make you feel smug to have "beings" calling you master all the time.

Just some ideas from someone who fondly remembers pirating Imperial Star destroyers to pay for my Weapon collection. (epic level game ended around lvl27)