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2008-06-27, 09:37 AM
My first contribution!
I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but if you would read and comment (maybe suggest?)

Rogue (Finesse Fighter)
DEX, STR, and CHA are vital
Pick Artful Dodger over Brutal Scoundrel
Suggested feat: Weapon Proficiency (Rapier) (Human Feat: Improved Initiative)
Suggested Skills:Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Insight, Perception, Stealth, Thievery
Suggested At-Will Powers: Deft Strike, Riposte Strike, or Sly Flourish (all three if you are human)
Suggested Encounter Power: Positioning Strike
Suggested Daily: Trick Strike

I think that Improved Initiative is a must for any rogues since First Strike gives you combat advantage on those who haven't acted, and you get extra damage on those poor suckers. I also think that the Rapier is a must for any man who wants to call himself a finesse fighter or dashing swordsman or musketeer or what-have-you (I had a musketeer in mind when I thought this up).

I would rename all of the powers to fencing cliches like Have at You (Deft Strike) Touche (Riposte Strike) and have Sly Flourish be an attack with a witty insult or such- and all references to sliding and shifiting would reflect the ability to change footing and dance about your foe. I wouldn't know how to flavor Sneak Attack (I don't think of a musketeer of being all sneaky).

Levelling wise I would suggest Tumble and Trickster's Blade, but other than that I would be open for suggestions for later powers. I would also like to think about Paragon Paths? (maybe someone could brew one up?)

2008-06-27, 09:40 AM
I would value con over strength, seeing as you arent going to get your strength to attacks (other than basic attacks).

Other than that, I like it. Very swashbuckler-y

2008-06-27, 09:47 AM
Not so!

Riposte Strike's riposte is a Strength-based attack. For a Finesse Fighter, I would heavily encourage getting Riposte Strike. It gives you more attacks, is great for flavor, and if you multiclass with Fighter, can give you even more opportunities to smack back. Upgrading to Hide armor might be a good idea in the long-run too - lots of nice Hides out there, and you need all the armor you can get :smallbiggrin:

EDIT: Also, I'd go for "Easy Target" as the Daily. I don't know why any swashbuckly guy would prefer a free slide every turn to durable combat advantage.

2008-06-27, 09:48 AM
Riposte Strike is strength-based though, it's Dex v. AC for 1[w] plus dex damage and an immediate interrupt when the target tries to attack you before the start of your next turn that is Str v. AC for 1[w] plus str. I imagine this build being pseudo-tankish... off tankish maybe?

Edit: Basically what was said above ^ sorry for the slow typing = ]

2008-06-27, 11:52 AM
I can't help with the 4e rules, but sneak attack could be reflavored as an "Opportunistic Strike" or since it requires combat advantage (don't let your guard down, eh?).

2008-06-27, 11:57 AM
Oh, Didn't know that about Riposte Strike... in that case, Str all the way! :smallcool:

Hmm, reflavored sneak attack... Insightful Strike (to steal the name from Swashbuckler)... Cunning Attack.... just means that you catch the opponent offguard and unable to defend themself against your attack.