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2008-06-28, 06:19 AM
This thread is for chatting and questions about this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4506514#post4506514).

I'm posting the rules here for easy reference.

One submission per participant.

You can make a 1st-3rd level spell, a 4th-6th level spell, or a 7th-9th level spell, or any combination of those.

There will be a keyword you'd have to build each spell around.

You can edit your submitted spells as much as you want until the deadline.

We will find the best spells by voting.

There will be three "sub-contests", one for 1st-3rd level spells, one for 4th-6th level spells, and one for 7th-9th level spells, and we will find a winner in each.

Post your spells here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4506514#post4506514).

2008-07-09, 04:18 AM
Bump to remind people of this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/editpost.php?do=updatepost&p=4506514).

2008-07-22, 05:09 PM
Another bump.