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2008-06-28, 01:01 PM
Hi all,

I built an initiative calculator for 3.5 D&D a while back, and I recently redid it for my upcoming 4e game. Seeing as how both games use initiative in the same way, you could use it for either.

Here is a screen shot:


What is the purpose of an initiative calculator?

D&D combat can take a very long time. Anything that can help cut down on the time is a boon, IMO. In addition, I have always found that it is a great way of keeping players on their toes. Compare two different scenes:

"The monsters spot you and charge! Roll initiative everyone." *wait 5 minutes for everyone to roll initiative, add in their modifiers, sometimes make mistakes or have to reference their character sheet*.


"The monsters spot you and charge! Bob, you jump into action immediately, your turn."

How does the initiative calculator work?

You type in the names of your PCs in the permanent section, along with their initiative modifiers. Then you type in the names of the monsters in the temporary section, along with their initiative modifiers. When complete, you simply click the "Roll Initiative" button, and MS Excel rolls all of the dice for you, adds in the initiative modifiers, and sorts it in highest-to-lowest order.

What about delaying/readying an action?

You simply change the number that the PC/enemy delays to or is set to as a result of a readied action, and then hit the "Resort Initiative" button.

What are those add buttons I see?

If you want to add in additional opponents or allies, perhaps those that come from an ambush or simply someone passing by, you simply input their initiative modifiers in the temporary section below, click the number of people you want to add, and MS Excel rolls their initiative for you, throws them into the lineup, and resorts the lineup instantly.

If anyone is interested in the Initiative Calculator, PM me your e-mail address and I will send it to you at my earliest convenience. If you have any suggestions on what else the initiative calculator should be able to do, post them and I'll see what can do.

2008-06-28, 01:12 PM
its a nice idea, and looks very easy to use - my only concern is that it takes yet another roll out of the hands of the PCs which can make them feel like they don't have a part in the game, and seeing as initiative is quite an important roll, i'd personally leave it with them

but if the groups happy to use it then go for it - certainly would speed things up