View Full Version : An idea for the Shadowcaster, loosely inspired by 4e

2008-06-29, 01:30 AM
4e has per-day, per-encounter, and at-will powers.

So what about making the Shadowcaster such that any mystery he uses as an arcane spell can function once-per-day (actually, as many times per day as he learned it), any mystery he uses as a spell-like-ability functions once-per-encounter, and any mystery he uses as a supernatural ability would be at-will (with the caveat that any initiate mystery learned twice or more times when it was still a spell or a spell-like can then be traded in for another mystery of equal level, since it'd be hard to work out how "twice-per-at-will" would work)?

Sure, some other things would have to be fixed (feats and such), but does the basic idea have merit? Too much? Not enough?