View Full Version : Rakshasa NPC's?

2008-06-29, 02:14 AM
-i am a first time DM running 4e for the first time for our group

-i am using my own campaign, and a lot of the higher level villians are actually rakshasas in disgiuse who run the expanding evil empire that the heroes have to defend their homeland against

-anyway, i have a need for a large number of rakshasa NPCs, and was wondering what people thought would be appropriate stats for them

-i was thinking, +2dex, +2STR, deceptive veil, and bonus damage to unarmed attacks being d8's, just based on their entry in the monster manual

-also they will mostly be infernal warlocks, as the true power behind them is asmodeus, anyways, comments apreciated

2008-06-29, 02:31 AM
I'd say INT and CHA, myself. They're strong, sure, but the schemer aspect of them has always felt more emphasised to me. Possibly DEX/STR and CHA?

2008-06-29, 03:45 AM
-i'm really tempted to do INT and CHA, but only because they will mostly be warlocks, and i will just use MM templates for the others

-the MM entires all have low INT and average CHA, but very high DEX and STR

-maybe a racial bonus to bluff and intimidate, along with the deceptive veil would be enough for the scheming flavor, along with the actual evil scheming of course

2008-06-29, 01:10 PM
All the ones in the MM also have relatively high Wis, too.

Of course, since they're all Level 15 or higher, you've got to expect that their ability scores will be a little... off.

I'd almost just suggest giving them the standard array from DMG 187, the ability score increases from the chart on the same page, and then just throw on a couple of +2s wherever they look like they'd be useful.

I assume you're talking about the NPC templates on pg. 188? If so, have you made NPCs with them before? I haven't had a chance to really do a lot of DMing (just a little bit of KotS) and I didn't know how the NPCs turn out (other than that I had to actually email CustServ to find out if NPCs are considered normal, Elite, or Solo - they're just normal, by the way).

2008-06-29, 01:34 PM
-oh i though that stuff on page 188 was just ridiculous, why do we need a second character creation system for NPC's?

-so far in my campain, i have just made NPC's using the standard character creation rules

-anyway, thanks for the help