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2008-07-01, 01:11 AM
Tonight I had a sudden craving to either run or play in a Halo-esque campaign. While thinking about what rule set I would use, how I would adapt it, the history of the campaign setting.... etc. I came up with an interesting idea (IMO). The idea for the campaign wasn't one with the PCs as Masterchief, it was more from the perspective of the Marines (though there wouldn't be a Masterchief, I doubt the PCs would enjoy doing almost nothing while someone pwns the aliens for them). I thought about the fact that having 'grunt' marines would get annoying to have to DM, then I came up with the idea of having a PC run a 'character' that was a group of generic marines.

Any suggestions as to how you think this would work out? I liked the idea of having maybe two of the PCs playing commandos or officers, and the others playing the grunts. Exactly what type of grunt would depend on the particular session, however they would always have an equal amount of power as the other PCs. Instead of healing and more ammo when the PCs return to the ship or get a drop-off, the person playing the grunts would get more minions to control.

One final idea (that came to me as I was typing) is that each person could have a PC so that in the event of a mission where having grunts made no sense, there would instead be another commando to accompany them.

Has anyone tried anything like this before? I'm sad ot say I doubt I'll get the chance to, simply because I can never find anyone interested in playing a game of D20 Modern or any similar game.