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Meat Shield
2008-07-02, 09:24 PM
But with a twist.

I am trying to write up a character history, and my thought is that he joined up with an old order that sends circus troupe all over the kingdom, roving the countryside, entertaining the people, using acrobats, bards, fire-eaters, knife-throwers, sharp-shooters, etc. Really high end circus stuff. But behind the scenes, they are a secret society for fighting evil in all its forms, and the circus cover story allows them to travel around with relative impunity. (yes, I know this basic concept has been done a lot in tv and movies, but it's new to me so leave that part alone).

The problem is I can't think of a name for them. I don't want it wishy-washy, so something cool. Using latin, french, or 'olde' english would be very cool. The performers are all races, mostly CG, and mostly of what I would call skirmisher classes - rogues, scouts, monks, rangers, swordsages, etc. Some casters, but mostly the skirmishers.

OK, Playgrounders, don't let me down. Throw out all your ideas for me, none to be rejected out of hand. Thanks guys!

2008-07-02, 10:11 PM
Cirque du Mistique.

The circus of mysteries.

2008-07-02, 10:33 PM
Cirque du Matraquant.

The circus of bludgeoning.

2008-07-02, 10:39 PM
cirque de héroºque acrobatie

Circus of heroic acrobatics

2008-07-02, 10:41 PM
cirque de héroºque acrobatie

Circus of heroic acrobatics

French places the adjective before the noun, actually.

2008-07-02, 10:53 PM
Eo Dominatio Celebrate

Traveling Lords of Celebration

...I guess. I dunno o0

2008-07-03, 07:28 AM
The Cavalcade of Dexterous Wonderment

2008-07-03, 07:34 AM
The Danse Macabre

2008-07-03, 07:45 AM
The Entertainers

Meat Shield
2008-07-03, 08:15 AM
Thanks for the help guys. I have decided to go with a blending of Grug and Comichorse's and making it "the Danse du Joyeux et Mystique". I think that captures what I was looking for best. Thanks again.

2008-07-03, 08:24 AM
If you really want a French name and not a French sounding name it should be : "Les Danseurs Joyeux et Mystiques"

2008-07-03, 11:04 AM
See, I was going to go with:

Mr. Kite's Magical Mystery Tour

But then you would have to fight evil with the power of rock.

2008-07-03, 11:14 AM
Does anyone else's mind automatically think: "Ye Old", no matter how much you try not to?

2008-07-03, 03:53 PM
Call it the Lord Chamberlain's Men, and have it run by a Bard.

Extra points for the theatre reference.

2008-07-03, 04:20 PM
The Flying Firbolgs. (Wait, that sounds like an act in the circus)

You could just make it a generic <name> & <name> like Barnum & Bailey.