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2008-07-05, 02:31 PM
After graduating from college, I've come to realize that continued gaming with my friends will become impossible. Although it is always possible to find a new group, I really want to keep playing with my friends. I have skimmed these forums for some time, and I have heard of play-by-post, which may allow us to continue to game for years, even though we are seporated by hundreds of miles.

My questions are as follows...

1) Is there any way to find a mapmaking program that I (or another DM) can use that would allow me to send just the rooms that the PCs can see to the players? I have seen random generators, but I haven't found anything that would allow me to see the entire dungeon by only let the group see what the PCs can see.

2) Is there any type of program that would allow us to use webcams and mics to have basically a conference call, where we can see all of the other people in the group to talk through things without requiring a forum-posting system?

Thanks to anyone who can help me out

2008-07-05, 02:35 PM
Short answer?


OpenRPG (http://www.openrpg.com/) gets you a virtual tabletop and Ekiga (http://ekiga.org/) does video conferencing.

2008-07-05, 03:01 PM
Great! Thank you so much for those links