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2008-07-05, 02:53 PM
You're opponent draws his weapon, it appears to be clear crystal with lightning trapped inside.


Halek knife
Simple Light Thrown Melee Critical:1920/2
Range Increment:10 ft.
Type:Piercing or slashing
Special:When struck the target must make a DC45 fortitude save or die, on a critical hit the saving throw raises to DC70. If the knife brakes in the wielders hands the weilder is killed with no saving throw.

The halek knife can pierce armor with ease and uses touch AC.

Only ten such daggers are made per year by wood elf sorcerers

2008-07-05, 09:51 PM
First, I'm not familiar with the book. Second, it's missing some important information.

Can the knife function as a normal bladed weapon as long as it isn't used on anything that has a Hardness of 2 or more? [I'm assuming that it can puncture leather or hide armor since those have a hardness of 2]. It would be safe to use a letter opener for example would it not [unless you critically fumbled the use and broke the knife -- presuming you have to roll every time you use the knife].

Damage and Critical should be listed as "Special." The x2 critical isn't really a factor if it only has a Save or Die effect.

Can you throw the weapon (like a throwing knife) to avoid having it shatter in your hands when it hits its target?

If the target dies and the weapon doesn't break, can it be re-used?