View Full Version : UMD and Santify Relic Items

2008-07-06, 02:55 PM
Can you use UMD to activate/use a Sanctified Relic Item?

1) Would Emulate Alignment qualify for worshiping a specific deity?
- If not, could UMD still do this?

2) Would Emulate Class Feature qualify for the spell sacrifice?
- If not, would having the True Believer feat be enough?

2008-07-06, 05:34 PM
1) No. You're emulating an alignment, not worship of a diety.
- Not with RAW. In fact, not without some SERIOUS house ruling.

2) No. While you could use UMD to emulate a class feature required to use the item, UMD does NOT give you a spell to sacrifice.
- That is, in fact, the main point of the True Believer feat: to be able to use relics without having to sacrifice a spell. Complete Divine was ambiguous on this, but Magic Item Compendium clarifies it: if you have True Believer, you don't have to sacrifice spells to use relics.