View Full Version : Diablo II as a Forum RPG?

2008-07-07, 04:55 PM
As my most recent VS thread may indicate, I have begin to take a renewed interest in the Diablo games and Diablo II in particular. I like the setting of the Diablo games, delightfully dark and grim and about as realistic as medieval fantasy is about to get. Motivated by this fascination with the campaign setting, I want to start homebrewing a system to play Diablo II over forums, I think it could make a good 5-7 player campaign. Specifically i'd like to play a Diablo campaign here on GitP's forum RPG section.

What I am aiming to do with this homebrew system is to strike a balance. I like the freedom and ease of use afforded by Freeform RPing, but at the same time I recognize the neccesity for structure in forum RPGs. How can we hit a balance between Freeform and Structured?


Innis Cabal
2008-07-07, 04:56 PM
there is already a Diablo RPG out there. Best i can help you with