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2008-07-08, 12:44 PM
I saw the movie recently and I just had to do this. I don't usually homebrew anything and never have for SWSE, so please let me know if this seems reasonable and fun. I think it should be pretty balanced, since it's not like the little guy is very combat capable. I was tempted to give him heroic levels, but as much as I liked Wall-E, I don't think he could really be called a hero (or at least what Star Wars means by it) :smallsmile:

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class
Small Droid (5th degree) non-heroic 3

Strength: 17, Dexterity: 14, Constitution: n/a, Intelligence: 10, Wisdom: 10, Charisma: 9
7 HP (Threshold 13), Reflex: 13, Fortitude: 13, Will: 10
BAB: +2, Melee Attack: +5 (hand 1d2+3 damage)
Speed: 4 Squares (Tracked locomotion)
Carrying Capacity: 108 kg, 72 kg or more is a heavy load
Languages: Binary and Basic (limited to simple syllables)
Immune: Droid traits

Stealth +8
Initiative +3
Endurance (Trained) +5
Perception (Trained) +8
Mechanics (Trained) +11
Use Computer (Trained) +6

Skill Focus (Mechanics), Skill Training (Endurance), Skill Training (Perception), and Skill Training (Use Computer)

Heuristic processor, Two arm appendages with hands, Tracked locomotion, and 5 kg of internal storage space

Cost: 1000 credits

The Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class (commonly referred to as a WALL-E) is an unusual type of droid. The plans were discovered in the archives of Industrial Automaton computer systems and it is unknown who originally designed them, where or if they were ever previously used, or even what this “Earth” place is. However, the droids have become surprisingly successful since their recent introduction to the markets of planets with large cities, such as Coruscant. Their simplistic design is very cheap to produce and they have proven to be an excellent and reliable means of dealing with the trash problems that such cities inevitably have.

The droids resemble a small, yellow box on treads with electrobinoculars for a head and a pair of hands on the ends of their short arms. They diligently patrol a city, looking for trash, and when they encounter garbage they gather it into their internal storage space for compaction (a Strength check using the DC on page 151 of the SWSE Core Rulebook). They then return to a pre-determined central location and stack the trash, now in the form of a cube, with any other previously-gathered garbage. This allows the trash to be later dealt with more easily due to it being more easily accessible than if it was spread throughout the city.

Another notable feature of the WALL-E that has led to its success is their tendency to develop a personality over time. Unusually for a worker droid, they are equipped with heuristic processors to aid with their identification of garbage. Since what would be considered trash is sometimes subjective and can not be rigidly defined, a WALL-E must be able to reason for itself what to do with any given object. This capability for creative thought can sometimes lead them to becoming slightly eccentric collectors of various objects that they found interesting but is usually tolerated or even encouraged because of their owners finding it cute or amusing. There are even rumors that a group of WALL-Es that have been abandoned or “set free” has formed a sort of society in the depths of Coruscant, working together to find and collect whatever items that they personally find interesting, but this has not be confirmed.

2008-07-09, 07:20 AM
I've wanted to stat out these guys for the RCR version of Star Wars d20.

Could you stat him out with the RCR rules, too? I don't know if his Strength is as high as 17, though ... that seems too much for what we saw him do.

2008-07-09, 01:02 PM
I made him with the standard score package and the 5th degree modifiers bumped his Strength up that high. Personally, I think it makes sense. It's mainly so that he can make the Strength checks to crush things; it's not like he has or is proficient with any weapon or attacks that would make good use of that Strength score. I would think of him basically being really strong for one purpose that wouldn't necessarily apply to others.

And sure, I'll take a stab at a RCR version of him. Probably later tonight....