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2008-07-08, 04:44 PM
This is my first 4th ed. homebrew attempt, and it seems surprisingly easy to make a basic Hollywood style zombie. I haven't actually played yet, so this thing may be horribly unbalanced (one way or another). What do you think? (Also, what do think of the look of the stat block? I tried to get it to look as much like the 4th ed. block as possible, and if this pans out I'll be using it for all my other creations) I was thinking of possibly adding a stipulation that they're immune/resistant to usual undead turning and other abilities, since they're animated by a virus as opposed to necrotic energy.

{table]Viral Zombie / Level 4 BruteMedium natural humanoid (undead) / XP [/table]

Initiative: -; Senses: Perception +2; darkvision
HP: 62;Bloodied: 31
AC: 16;Fortitude: 17,Reflex: 11,Will: 12
Saving Throws: -
Immune: Disease, Poison, Resist: 5 necrotic
Speed: 4

{table]http://ca.geocities.com/spike_fightwicky/4th/4thBM.bmpSlam (Standard;at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 2d8+3 damage and a medium or smaller target is grabbed (until escape).
Grabbed target only; +6 vs. Fortitude; 1d8+3 damage and the target contracts level 4 terminal decay.
Mob Attack
The viral zombie gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls per viral zombie ally adjacent to the target.
Zombie Weakness
Any critical hit to the zombie reduces it to 0 hit points instantly.[/table]
{table]Alignment: Unaligned Languages: -
Str: 18 (+6) Dex: 7 (+0) Wis: 8 (+1)

Con: 12 (+3) Int: 1 (-4) Cha: 3 (-2)[/table]

{table][b]Terminal Decay|Level 4 Disease|Endurance Stable: 16| Improve: 20*
The target is cured.<|<Initial Effect: The target loses (and can only gain) half their usual healing surges<|>The target regains only half the normal number of hit points from healing effects>|>Final State: The target dies and rises as a Viral Zombie in 1d4 hours.[/table]
An extremely potent viral infection spreads through the victim, forcing their body to undergo rapid decay. The disease will not recover on its own, requiring divine healing to rid the disease.
*An ally can not use a heal check in place of the victim's own endurance check.