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2008-07-09, 11:50 PM
This is my first prestige class, so any suggestions are appreciated, anyone can use it, if they want. I'm kind of hoping for a really strong way for a spellcaster to defend a fortress or position, allowing also for enemies to have to think out a path through the traps or something. Maybe a divine version will follow, if i like this one. This class is a specialist class, and suitable for defense or retreats. It also would be fun to play against in a siege like session.

Now that I have created it, my opinion is that it takes dedication to fully open the power of the class, but imagine the power of undetectable spells that include metamagic and extra damage that are triggered from 10 feet away, that can be cast days in advance. Add that to the basic set of aburations, and a prepared Trapmaster can be a very difficult foe to overcome, as he can bring several days worth of spellcasting ability to a single confrontation.
To play one, one's primary spellcasting attribute (Int or Cha) is obviously important. I would also add metamagic to the mix, as an expanded, maximized fireball spell might be the equivalent of a land mine, or a maximized magic missile an antipersonnel mine.
Because many different aspects grow more powerful simultaneously, the power of such a class increases nearly exponentially. I had to add a few extraenous requirements to make sure a charecter would need to definietly commit and think twice, as i think it is so overpowered. Sorcerers, bards and wizards are obvious choices, and a rouge who has some magical ability might rarely take a few levels to cover retreats. Any other class would need to stray far from its stereotype to think about joining this class

Arcane Trapmaster
Hit Dice: 2
Craft (trap making) : 5 ranks
Knowledge (architecture and engineering) 2 ranks
Spellcraft (10 ranks)
Able to cast 4nd level arcane spells and at least 7 spells that are not divinations.

Class Skills: Craft(Trapmaking) Int, Disable Device(Int),Knowledge(Int), Spellcraft(Int). Skill Points at each level: 4+ Int Modifier
HD +d6
Base Attack Bonus: +0 (Levels 1-4) +1 (Levels 5-8) +2 (Levels 9-10)

Saves: (Fort)+0(levels 1 - 5) +1(levels 6-10), Reflex(+1 for evey 2 levels) Will(+1 for every 3 levels)

Class Features:
No weapon or armor proficiencies
An arcane trapmaster will gain one spellcasting level for every two levels in this class. This is to reflect the specialization into a particular area.

Create Arcane Trap: At 1st level, an arcane trap master gains the ability to create magical traps. These differ from usual traps, as they are spells or series of spells that have a delayed function. At 1st level, 2nd level spells and below may be made into a trap in this manner. At 3rd level, 4th and below, and 5th level, 6th and below, at 7th level, 8th and below, and at 10th level, 10th and below. Spell levels added due to meta magic are counted.
Additionally, at 1st level one spell may be used within 5 feet, at 3rd level, 2 spells may be attached to a 5 foot area, and 5th level, 3, and at 8th level, 4 spells may be set into a single area. These traps are created by casting a spell as usual, any or all spells you can cast per day may be converted into a trap. At first level such a trap will be triggered ( the spell will be cast, at that time) when any object enters that square. Additionally, an arcane trapmaster may set off the trap as a free action(purely mental), with a concentration check of DC 5. Save DC's for traps are as normal for a spell of the appropriate level. Spells to be converted into traps must either deal damage, cause a baneful change in status, create an illusion or impede the triggerer of a trap. If one of these conditions is not met, then the trap will trigger in a flash of light.( At 7th level, the trap will not do so, instead staying untriggered).

Trap Undetectability: A normal trap created by a 1st level arcane trapmaster will appear as a ball of colored light, appropriate to the spell contained within. At 4th level, they become invisible to any who do not make a DC 10 Check (spell craft) or have prior knowledge( a spell caster class will receive a +2 bonus to this roll). At 7th level, a Detect magic spell is the only way to see an arcane trap, and at 10th, a reveal magic spell, and a spell craft check against a DC of 10+class level+(10-spell level).

Trap Mastery An arcane trapmaster of the 2nd level will gain a +2 bonus to any check used to create traps of any sort, and the cost to make magical traps is reduced by 25%.

Arcane TrapsenseAn arcane trapmaster gains a +2 inherant bonus to any DC that involves another arcane trap at 2nd level. At 5th level, this expands to +4, and at 9th level, this covers any trap, and grows to +5

Enhanced Proximity Beginning at 4th level, an arcane trap will be set off from a farther distance. AT this level, traps may be set to go off at a distance of 5 feet (1 square)around the 5 foot square in which the trap is located. At 7th level, this increases to 10 feet (2 squares). A trap will last for the duration of the spell times your class level, then it will disappear.

Arcane Trap Specialization At 5th Level, and again at 7th level, an arcane trapmaster will choose a school of magic that gains a +1 to Save DC's(if applicable), and an extra 5 points of damage, providing the spell hits an enemy and deals damage (You may not choose divination) At 10th level, you choose an energy type, that also receives this bonus.

Trap LongevityA trap will now last twice as long as it normally would, beginning at 6th level. At 9th level, this increases to 3 times duration.