View Full Version : [3.5] Paladin Bonus-Feats (ACF)

2008-07-21, 09:26 PM
Complete Champion has an alternate class feature for Paladins to get bonus feats every several levels (4, 8, 11, 14). There's a bit of restriction on which feats can be selected. You give up spellcasting in order to gain this.

Is this a worthwhile trade? Or does it just further nerf an already nerfy class?

2008-07-21, 09:35 PM
It depends on the pointbuy. If you have enough points left after getting str, con, and charisma and can afford the wisdom, and also have access to the Spell Compendium as well as Complete Champion, and a bunch of other books, then no, giving up spellcasting isn't worth it. There are some really nifty paladin spells out there that do way more than a feat.

2008-07-21, 11:34 PM
It depends. Going Paladin 4-5, then into something else? Then yes, it's worth it. Continuing a ways with Pally, or going with a PrC that continues the casting, then no (especially if SpC is available).

2008-07-21, 11:56 PM
Chronicled has the right of it.

Paladin spellcasting, for things like Rhino's Rush, is actually quite good.

Paladins are in no way a weak class, they have a lot of cool tricks and such. Sticking with paladin 20 for spells is not a bad idea.