View Full Version : Does Warforged Titan have natural attacks?

2008-07-22, 12:28 AM
If I cast the spell "Body of War" on my Familiar to turn it into a ginormous Killa Kanz :smallbiggrin:, are the attack forms gained (axe and maul) counted as natural attacks? Also, do I have a slam attack as a Warforged Titan?

2008-07-22, 08:56 AM
Warforged Titan in its entry lists only the axe and maul attacks ( +16, 2d8+9/x3; +11, 2d8+9/x3) as its attacks. Since it doesn't refer to them as natural attacks, I would assume they are considered manufactured weapons.
No slam is mentioned, nor natural attacks.However, it does benefit from Powerful Charge (+3d6) and Trample (DC 25 Ref 2d6+13).

So while you can't slam or use multiattack to up its damage, it's still a pretty good killing... machine.

2008-07-22, 11:17 AM
If they're manufactured weapons, can I drop one of them and two-hand the other one then? My familiar doesn't have two-weapon fighting to take advantage of both weapons.

2008-07-22, 11:49 AM
they are "manufactured" weapons as can be seen by their attack bonus in the warforged titan entry in the campaign setting. Personally I would not allow you to drop the weapon as you can't because they are built into the titan's arms that would be like you attempting to drop your hand :smallwink:

2008-07-22, 11:57 AM
Hmm...maybe I can have my familiar GRAPPLE someone instead. Huge size means a lotta reach. And 28 strength isn't bad.

2008-07-22, 12:08 PM
Have the familiar chop off the maul with it's axe, then two-hand the axe. :smallamused: