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2008-07-24, 12:07 PM
Ok, a friend of mine wanted to play a child that is being protected by a demon living within her. The demon can communicate with the child telepathically, and can transform the child into itself when it feels its "ward" is threatened. I suggested he look at the Dark Mind template I created (see sig.), but he also wants this demon to have seen the light, and have turned good, which kind of makes all teh internal angstyness of the Dark Mind template unnecessary. Also, he really wanted to be able to go full demon, and the Dark Mind template doesn't really allow for that, so I decided to make a new template altogether. I'm borrowing a few ideas from the Dark Mind, but most of it is new. I would really appreciate any suggestions for manifestations, a Level Adjustment, and any other changes that need made.


Type changes to evil outsider while the fiend is manifested. Otherwise the base creature retains its original type. Do not recalculate BAB, Saves, etc. Size is unchanged (except possibly when manifesting.)

While manifesting, the creature gains temporary hit points that last as long as the creature is manifesting their fiend. The amount of hit points is equal to the average number of hit points a creature with d8s for hit dice with the same number of hit dice as the base creature.

Unchanged (unless manifesting an aspect of a fiend that says otherwise.)

The fiend within the creature is (usually) vigilant for any threat to its ward. This results in a +2 bonus to AC and to Reflex Saves. Also, the strength of two wills in one creature grants a +2 bonus against mind-affecting effects.

Same as base creature plus those gained while manifesting.

Canít Control Us Both! :
Whenever a Fiendís Ward fails to resist an effect that places her under the control of another creature, such as a Dominate Person, she may make a second save using the saves of her fiend (most found in the monster manual.) If this second save succeeds, the Fiendís Ward is not under the control of the other creature, but is instead controlled by her fiend. If the Fiendís Ward is the subject of another such effect before the duration of the first expires, she saves with the fiendís saves as before, but does not gain a second chance to resist the ability. The fiend maintains control of the body after the duration of the mind-controlling effect ends, and may return control to its ward as though it were manifesting (see below.)
Soul Bond: A Fiend Ward's fiend is bound to its Ward by powerful rituals that can only be removed through a miracle or wish spell. The Soul Bond forces the fiend to remain with its Ward at all times, and dooms the fiend to share any misfortune that falls upon the Ward. This is especially useful for keeping chaotic demons focused on their jobs, and for preventing bored devils from destroying their Wards "accidentally" when they tire of their duties. The Soul Bond allows for the fiend and Ward to speak telepathically, and to feel surface emotions (granting a +5 on sense motive checks against each other.)
One of the most obvious and powerful of the traits common to Fiendís Wards is their ability to manifest portions of their fiendís powers. Manifesting a power is a standard action. While manifesting, the fiend takes control of the Wardís body, and the ward becomes only vaguely aware of what is going on around her. Control of the body can be returned to the Ward as a standard action or through a succesful Will Save against A DC of the fiendís will save, but returning control to the ward ends the effects of any manifestations being used.
A Fiend's Ward has access to one manifestation/HD.
Several Possible Manifestations are listed below, and are organized according to the fiend they are derived from.

Manifestations and Fluff coming soon.

2008-07-24, 04:05 PM
Kinda hard to say without the manifestations...
There is a tripple-minded PC race that was published at on point... can't remember the name, just that it was in a WotC product...